(Video) NFL: Former Running Back, Ricky Williams, Was Stopped & Handcuffed After Walking Near His Hotel

image via: youtube Ricky Williams became a victim of some morons in a Texas neighborhood, who reported him as a suspicious person, which eventually led to police placing him in handcuffs.

(Video) NFL: Ricky Williams Believes The Fact He Smokes Weed Is The Only Reason He Won’t Go To The Hall Of Fame

Ricky Williams made an appearance this week on the Bill Simmons hosted show “Any Given Wednesday” on HBO. Along with Williams was Seth Rogen, so naturally the conversation eventually shifted towards weed. Simmons usually does a “speed round” segment with his guest where he fires off questions to get quick responses but in this case they did a “weed round” where some interesting topics were covered, such as the coolest person they ever smoked weed with. Among the topics on the show was also Williams’ issues with the NFL over his smoking and how he believes he is a hall of fame running back but will never be voted in due to his marijuana use.

NFL: Ricky Williams Co-Founding World’s First Weed-Friendly Gym

Former NFL player Ricky Williams has always been a supporter of marijuana use and now he’s helping to open the world’s first weed-friendly gym in San Francisco this November.

NFL: Ricky Williams On Ditka – “White People Don’t Relate To Police Brutality”

In light of the what’s taking place, involving Ferguson, Eric Garner, etc., Ricky Williams has decided to chime in. After reassuring the world that his former New Orleans Saints’ coach, Mike Ditka, is NOT a racist, he goes on to say “white people [just] can’t relate to police brutality.” Williams then states that white people use racist language regularly but just don’t realize it. Wow, read more on Williams’ comments after the jump!

(Video) NFL: Ricky Williams Says Adrian Peterson Didn’t Do Anything Wrong, Black People Beat Their Kids

Although some white people beat their kids and some black people don’t, there’s a general belief that black people are more inclined and raised to believe that whipping your kids is the right thing to do.  Stereotypes state that white people let their kids run wild and do whatever they want while a black person will hit their kids with whatever they find (extension cords, belts, tree switches etc.).  So when former NFL player Ricky Williams was on the Jim Rome show, he kind of reinforced that by saying he didn’t see anything wrong with what Adrian Peterson did to his son, it’s just the way black people raise their kids.

NFL: Former Miami Dolphin Ricky Williams Says No To Drugs…AGAIN!

Once again Ricky Williams has quit smoking because he’s no longer in pain or under the stress of playing football. The former Heisman trophy winner says he turns down weed whenever asked, as “people offer me [him] pot all the time…” Now, he is a NEW man and immediately says no, having even left friends and former smoke buddies “disappointed.” More on Williams’ story after the jump!

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