Chris Brown vs. Tyler the Creator!!

  Earlier tonight, I posted some of Chris Brown’s tweets, where he was writing a series of things that seemed to be going at a few possible people. “All this demonic music is wack as shit! What happened to people being happy? #yeahisaidit,” Chris tweeted. “I never claim to be no saint but by no means am I trying to promote death, violence,and destruction with my music! #fuckouttahere” Of course the Twittersphere blew up, saying he was going at his ex Rihanna for her new video or Odd Future for their kind of music. Find out what happened from there after the jump!! @MarisaMendez

(Fellas Check The Pic!!) Good Girl Gone Bad #ThongThursday Edition With Rihanna!!!

Rih rocks some weird thong contraption…it’s definitely hit the jump worthy! @DJTech4

(Poll) Who is Chris Brown Subliminally Dissing???

Earlier today Chris Brown tweeted something that definitely seemed like a sub-tweet. I wonder what he’s trying to get at?? Or WHO rather. Hit the jump to see what he said and take a poll to who you think it might be!! @MarisaMendez

Rihanna Goes OFF on “Man Down” Critics

Rihanna has been getting some heat for her recent video for “Man Down“. In the video, she murders a man and parents are up in arms over the scene, saying it’s not right for their children to believe this is “ok” and Rihanna should take more responsibility being in a role-model position. Rihanna has more than a few words for those people. Find out what she took to her Twitter to say after the jump. @MarisaMendez

Rihanna’s Catching Some Heat for “Man Down” Video!! (Take the Poll!!)

In RiRi’s new video for Man Down, she acts out exactly what the song is about…killing a man. The Parents Television Council is all up in arms over it, calling it a showcase of “cold, calculated execution of murder.” Oh boy…what’s the big deal?! People die in movies everyday, b!! Read on for details and take the poll to let us know if you think it was a little much!! @MarisaMendez

(Video) Rihanna – Man Down

After releasing the behind the scenes video earlier today, RiRi debuts the full video for her latest hit, Man Down. Check it out after the jump. Sak pasé!! @MarisaMendez

(Video) Behind the Scenes of Rihanna’s “Man Down”

RiRi is set to drop the Man Down video today, and gave fans a little sneak peak before its world premiere. Check out the behind the scenes video after the jump. @MarisaMendez

What Reality Star Wants Rihanna to “Put Him to Bed”?!

A certain reality star was getting a little bold with RiRi on Twitter today! Hit the jump to see who and what he said!! @MarisaMendez

(Photos) Cover Girls: Nicki Minaj Covers #5 Magazine, Rihanna Covers Cosmopolitan

The “Fly” ladies continue their reign on the industry, as both have major cover stories this summer. Check out Nick’s #5 cover and RiRi’s Cosmo cover after the jump. Wonder when we’ll get that video??? @MarisaMendez

(Check the Pic) Rihanna Goes Punk Rock on “Today”

RiRi hit the stage on the Today Show earlier this morning, sporting a punk rock look to rock out for the crowd. She’s such a bad b*tch!!! @MarisaMendez

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