(Video) Jay-Z Says Rikers Island Should Be Closed After What They Did To Kalief Browder

Kalief Browder committed suicide at the age of 22 after he was sent to prison with no trial. Browder was accused of stealing a book bag at the time of his arrest. Browder said he was innocent as he spent his days at Rikers in solitary confinement.

Rikers Island Employee Gives Chicken, Medicine, And Cigarettes In Exchange For Sex

I’m a bit confused. All the people in the world to have sex, why would someone want to choose inmates. A medical worker in the facility traded different necessities to the female inmates in exchange for sex. The inmates are now filing a lawsuit against the physician assistant.

Riders Island Correction Officer Charged With Rape After Engaging In Sex With An Inmate

30-year old Nicole Bartley has come clean about having sex with a Rikers Island inmate. On top of that, Bartley will be suspended for having 70 grams of marijuana in her home in the Bronx. The drugs were intended for her inmate lover.

(Audio) Rowdy Rebel Lets Fans Know How He’s Doing From Rikers Island

Bobby Shmurda is not the only GS9 member locked behind bars in a fight for his freedom. Incase you missed it GS9’s Rowdy Rebel was also arrested and locked up on gun and drug charges and has been in jail for almost a year now. During an episode of the Tax Season podcast, Rowdy Rebel called in to give fans an update on how’s he doing in prison. He revealed despite being locked up he’s got enough music stored away to drop five mixtapes and told fans to look forward to the Shmoney Keeps Calling tape, scheduled to drop on Christmas Day. He also opened up about his trial, saying a date is set for January 11th, and that he hopes to be home by March or April. Check out the full audio below.

(Video) Crazy Fight Inside Rikers Island Caught On Tape!

Prison is never a place where people WANT to go but unfortunately, it is something that is here to stay forever. A violent fight was caught on tape between a jail probe team and an inmate, who goes by the name Terrance Warden. The inmate refused to go to Queens criminal court numerous times, causing a brawl to ensue between the inmate and the employees over at Rikers Island in New York. Check out the crazy action caught on tape below.

(Video) NBA: Carmelo Anthony Visits Young Inmates at Rikers Island For ‘Stay Melo’ Episode 4

Last month I posted a story about Carmelo Anthony visiting Rikers Island to talk to young inmates as part of his Vice Sports “Stay Melo” series.  Anthony described his visit and the effect the inmates had on him.  Now the official episode is out.  Check out the footage.

(Photos) NBA: Carmelo Anthony Visits Rikers Island to Offer Encouragement to Young Inmates

Carmelo Anthony is not only the star player for the New York Knicks, he’s also a native New Yorker.  The NBA star decided to visit Rikers Island in New York City to meet and talk with some of the institution’s younger inmates (ages 16-21) and offer them encouragement.  The infamous correctional facility houses over 10,000 inmates and is one of the largest in the world.  The visit of course had an affect on the inmates but it touched Anthony as well.

Rikers Island Inmate Brutally Attacks Female Corrections Officer To A Bloody Pulp

A Rikers Island inmate who goes by the name Jesse Blount beat the brakes off of Elizabeth Sturdivant, a female corrections officer in the facility. Pictures surfaced of Sturdivant looking completely bloodied up with a face full of bruises. Blount was quoted in the criminal report that was filed against him saying, “I’m going to forget you are a female and knock you out.”

Bobby Shmurda’s GF Admits To Sneaking A Shank Into Prison For Him; Pleads Guilty To Charges

It looks like Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda is in way more trouble than we thought. The 20-year-old “Hot N*gga” artist is currently serving time at Rikers Island for both gun and drug charges. However, it seems his ride or die girlfriend Kimberly Rousseau got caught up in his mess, as well. According to the New York Daily News, “a guard allegedly saw Kimberly Rousseau, 18, pull a black latex glove balloon wrapped in black electrical tape out of her bra and hand it to him.” According to reports, the guard apparently opened the balloon and found a “sharp metal object.” Both Bobby and his girl were charged with promoting prison contraband. She pleaded guilty to both promoting prison contraband and criminal possession of a weapon, meaning she will most likely be serving some time, as well. She’s due back in court next month, so stay tuned to see what the outcome will be.

Bobby Shmurda Talks To New York Magazine From Rikers

Bobby Shmurda is still behind bars at Rikers Island, awaiting his trial this June. New York Magazine recently spoke with the “Hot N*gga” rapper for a piece they’ve dubbed “Hot Shmurda,” and in it, Bobby speaks on his disdain for his label once again, the letters and offers he’s received and more.

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