(VIDEOS) Marlon Wayans Says WHAT About Scary Movie !?!?

Marlon Wayans does not play when it comes to the movie franchise that he had a hand in building. Back in 2003, him and his brother were basically dropped from the “Scary Movie” team. So, here we are – the building of his own franchise, and “Haunted House” is in theaters. Some time around April will be the release of the 5th “Scary Movie“. I highly doubt that Marlon will watch it, but he needs to know that these two movies are eerily similar. After everything is said and done, Marlon still could care less about his “back then” brand. When he gets his residual checks in the mail, he has this real freaky type ritual that he does. Let’s just say have the fire extinguisher on deck. Drop down bottom and check out the video gallery to see what he does to his checks.

(Photos *Graphic Content*)Muslims Cut Their Own Bodies During Ritual

Mosque floors run red in  India after Indian Shiite Muslims use whips with knives at the end to whip themselves in honor of the Imam Hussein, a grandson of the Prophet Mohammad.  Unbelievable to witness the scene inside of the Mosque and the scars created upon themselves for a Holy reason.  Hit the jump for pics. Steph B

(Video) Babies Tossed Of 30 Ft. Temple In A Bizzare Ritual For Good Luck

In India, a bizzare ritual exists where babies are thrown 30 ft off a temple in an attempt to secure good luck. I wonder who the guy was that came up with this. Hit the jump. steveisDOPE

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