NBA: Burglars Steal Over $340,000 Worth of Jewelry From Chris Bosh!

Wow Chris Bosh’s birthday went from a festive, joyful occasion to police sirens as he came home to find out he’d been robbed!  While Bosh was out celebrating his 29th birthday, someone went into his home and robbed him of his jewelry.  Read more after the jump.

Live Stream Gone Wrong???

Tat Wza

WWE: What A Guy! Check Out What CM Punk Is Doing For This Fan!

I just love when athletes/celebs give back.  Here’s a bad story that ends with a happy ending!  Wrestling star CM Punk is helping out a fan that was shot & robbed!  Story after the jump…

NFL: Patriots Player Home Robbed During AFC Title Game

Damn, people just give zero f*cks!  This guy is out trying to win a championship and his house gets robbed.  SMH. Two masked men robbed the suburban Denver home of Patriots player Derrick Martin while he was with his team at the AFC Championship Game. GameTimeGirl

(Video)Woman Robbed Of Prize In “Wheel Of Fortune” Over Slang!

Renee Durette was on “Wheel of Fortune” on fire! She correctly guessed a long phrase while only having a few letters which  was ” Seven swans-swimming”.  Although she guessed it instead of saying “swimming” she said “swimmin” and eliminated the “g”, because of this they said that she was wrong!  The host said he couldn’t accept that and robbed her of her $4,000 prize. Hit the jump Steph B

(Video) Police Find A Man Trapped In The Trunk Of His Own Car While Doing What ????

Check out this video of a police officer doing a routine traffic stop to find out there was a man in the trunk of the car! Mickey

(Video) Wow 61 Year Old Women Does What When Being Robbed??!

Check out this video below of a brave 61 year old fighting back for whats hers! Mickey

SMH: Important Items Stolen From Amy Winehouse’s Estate

Some people are truly heartless. Though Amy Winehouse was laid to rest over a year ago now, thieves still want to cause trouble to her poor family that have suffered enough. Her father is reporting looters took two major items from her house, a theft he believes was plotted because of the significance of both items. They were set to be auctioned off to donate toward children’s hospices and drug addiction counseling. So sad. Details on the stolen things below. Marisa Mendez

Guess Which Squeaky Clean Popstar Had “Personal Footage” Stolen! Could It Be A Sex Tape?!

A certain super-famous popstar with a very clean image took to his Twitter yesterday to vent his frustrations. Apparently during a show, a thief got backstage and stole his laptop, which he said holds a lot of “personal footage”! They also stole from his tour manager, but nothing can be as juicy as what’s on that laptop! I guess we’ll find out soon when the culprit starts shopping the footage around! See who I’m talking about below. Marisa Mendez

Renee Graziano’s Home Has Been Robbed!

Renee Graziano came home after a trip from Atlantic City to find her home had been robbed!  She called the police immediately after finding her home in the state it was, wonder what other mob-like measures she might have taken. Hit the jump. Steph Bassanini

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