NBA Coach’s Home Burglarized

Recently Chris Bosh’s home was robbed, now we’re finding out that Spurs coach Gregg Popovich’s home was burglarized as well. So what did the robbers get away with?!  Details after the jump…

(Video) NO SHAME! Teens Rob Women In A Wheel Chair For $40 & An EBT Card

Some people just really need a beat down. These pitiful teens, Elvin Alvarez, 18 and a 16-year-old were caught robbing 58-year-old, Norma Holmes, a woman with cerebral palsy, bound to a wheel chair. They stole the purse that was wrapped around her body, and got away with $40 and Holmes’ EBT card. Later the two were seen using the EBT card at a local grocery store. Need to be ashamed! Holmes is more upset with the fact that in her purse were pictures of her as a little girl – she can never get them back. What makes this all even worse, it that Alvarez was an active member in a program against, violence, being involved with gangs, etc. SUCKS! Jail time. Drop down bottom and check it out.

NBA: Burglars Steal Over $340,000 Worth of Jewelry From Chris Bosh!

Wow Chris Bosh’s birthday went from a festive, joyful occasion to police sirens as he came home to find out he’d been robbed!  While Bosh was out celebrating his 29th birthday, someone went into his home and robbed him of his jewelry.  Read more after the jump.

Live Stream Gone Wrong???

Tat Wza

WWE: What A Guy! Check Out What CM Punk Is Doing For This Fan!

I just love when athletes/celebs give back.  Here’s a bad story that ends with a happy ending!  Wrestling star CM Punk is helping out a fan that was shot & robbed!  Story after the jump…

NFL: Patriots Player Home Robbed During AFC Title Game

Damn, people just give zero f*cks!  This guy is out trying to win a championship and his house gets robbed.  SMH. Two masked men robbed the suburban Denver home of Patriots player Derrick Martin while he was with his team at the AFC Championship Game. GameTimeGirl

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