Kevin Hart’s California Home Robbed

According to reports, Kevin Hart’s home in Tarzana, CA was robbed over the weekend, while the actor was working in Miami. This is the same area where both Blac Chyna and Chris Brown’s homes were robbed, though police say they don’t believe this instance was an inside job, unlike the other two.

(Video) Victim Turns Tables On Robbers After Almost Getting Robbed

Three suspects from Patterson, NJ messed with the wrong one. Three men tried to rob Kofi Asiad but Asiad wasn’t having it. Kofi chased down one of the suspects who tried to rob him and it was all captured on video. Three men approached Asiad with wielding hammers and demanded money. Little did they know they had Asiad all types of f**ked up! Check out the video after the jump.

Boxing: Adrien Broner Back in Jail For Probation Violation

Adrien Broner’s legal woes are starting to pile up.  The former WBA super lightweight champion has been jailed in Cincinnati, this time for violating probation in a reckless driving case last year.

Boxing: Adrien Broner Pleads Not Guilty on Felonious Assault & Aggravated Robbery Charges

Boxing star Adrien Broner pled not guilty in his violent robbery case.  He’s accused of beating a guy and robbing him of $12,000 at gunpoint.

Boxing: Report, Police Have Video Of Robbery Involving Adrien Broner & It Doesn’t Sound Good For Him

The story about an armed robbery that Adrien Broner was allegedly involved in just took a new turn with the report of a video that police have of the incident in question. As you know, a warrant has been issued for Broner’s arrest after he was accused of punching a man and then brandishing a gun and robbing the man of more than $12,000 after a night at the bowling alley gone bad.

(Video) Brooklyn Teenager Tries To Steal Jordans In Craigslist Robbery And Has His Arm Ripped Off

A father with three children is being charged with attempted murder after running over a teenager who tried to steal Jordans from him. The teenager is also being charged for attempted robbery. Hit the jump for more.

(Photo) Guy Claiming To Have Robbed Big Sean’s Home Flexin’ On The ‘Gram

Despite having his home invaded by thieves while on a trip to Dubai, Big Sean tried to look on the bright side of things when reflecting on the past year. The robbers managed to get away with about $150,000 worth of jewelry and hard drive and apparently left a note with directions on how the rapper could get his things back. Wednesday (December 30th), Big Sean chose to send a message of his own to thieves in the form of the cover art for his new song, “What A Year,” featuring Pharrell and Detail. The cover art featured a message saying, “To whom it may concern 2015 was the best year of my life. We counted a lot more wins than losses… and to me that’s worth more than damn near anything. BTW you took the wrong hard drive.” Well it now appears that one of the thieves got Big Sean’s message loud and clear and he clapped back on Instagram. Hit the jump for more.

(Photos) Shy Glizzy Clears Up Robbery Situation

So just last week we heard about Shy Glizzy getting robbed for his chain in Memphis. Sources say that Glizzy was caught slipping as he was beat up and robbed for his chain. The incident circled social media was pictures of Glizzy’s chain and even a video. A group of men took pictures of the chain and raised hell about Glizzy not doing a song with them. Glizzy had alot to say about the alleged incident as he says that is NOT what happened.

NBA: Derrick Williams Brought 2 Women Home From the Club & They Rob Him of $750K in Jewelry

Here’s a thought rich and famous men, stop bringing random women back to your house, it hardly ever ends well.  New York Knicks forward Derrick Williams was robbed of $750,000 worth of jewelry and he’s blaming it on two women he brought back to his Tribeca apartment after partying in a Meatpacking District club.

(Photos + Video) Shy Glizzy Reportedly Robbed Of His Chain In Memphis

According to various eyewitness accounts, DC rapper Shy Glizzy was beaten and robbed of his chain during an appearance in Memphis over the weekend – all because he didn’t do a song with somebody. The chain, reportedly worth $50,000, popped up in photos on social media early Sunday morning, making its rounds amongst a group of rather interesting characters from the Memphis area. Videos came after the photos, where multiple men were yelling:

“We asked you nicely to do a song, you said, ‘Get the fuck out yo’ face’! Shoulda did the song n*gga!”

Not sure why these guys think flaunting stolen property on social media is where it’s at, but that’s neither here nor there. They’re obviously not the brightest crayons in the box. Glizzy has yet to respond, but he’s been posting on social media, so it would appear that at least his health is in tact.

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