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(Photo/Video) The Next iPhone To Be Built Like No Other iPhone!!


Foxconn has decided to bring in 10,000 robots for a whole new assembly line, and Apple will be the 1st company to gain from this!!

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(Video) Check Out Some Of The Coolest Robots #CES2014 Had To Offer!!!

Robot With Biggest Personality

Ok, I am just getting back into the fold after seeing all the great and innovative things at #CES2014, and there were plenty, but one of the funnest things I ran into throughout the entire CES was the diff variety of Robots! From Funny, to useful, to service, there was a robot around every corner!

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Welcome To The Future!! Russian Tycoon Envisions Human Minds Controlling Robot Bodies!!


Dmitry Itskov gathered some of humanity’s best brains — and a few robots — in New York City on Saturday to discuss how humans can get their minds to outlive their bodies. Hit the jump for more details.

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Tech Talk News: We’re All Doomed…. Disney Making Robots That Juggle With Humans


It’s only a matter of time before they start carrying automatic weapons & stomping our skulls to the ground. All jokes aside, this is pretty dope. Check the video after the jump.

Tat Wza

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(Video)Tech Talk Gadget: Robots Dance In Unison To MJ’s “Thriller”!!


Will America’s Next Dance crew be a bunch of robots? Lol nah I doubt it but its crazy how smooth robots emulate the classic Michael Jackson routine. Hit the jump to check it out and RIP to the King of Pop.

ShottaDru X TatWza

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(Video)Tech Talk Robotics: Check Out The 1st Sand Bot Called The “Sand Flea”!!!

The ‘Sand Flea’ is a Mini Bot that can leap up to 30 feet in the Air, while standing on the Sand, and thats pretty difficult! Hit the Jump to See what’s going on here.


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Tech Talk News: LEGO Robots Help Scientists Build Artificial Bones

Toy-kit robots are helping a team of British scientists build artificial bones, a mind-numbing task their lab didn’t want to outsource to expensive industrial research and manufacturing robots.

“LEGOs seemed like the simplest way,” PhD student Daniel Strange at Cambridge University, after the break!!

@Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

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Tech Talk News: Check Out Korea’s Newest Prison Guards!!

This could really make escaping difficult. Check out the new guards being used by Korea after the jump.




Shotta Dru on Google+

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Tech Talk Robotics: You Need This On Your Next Water Vacation!!!

LOL, Not sure if you’ll be able to pack it up properly to get it through customs, if your going that far, I’m assuming if your going away this holiday season, you’ll have to be, But if you can figure it out, you may just have all the fun you can have!! Hit the Jump.




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Tech News: NASA Successfully Tests Autonomous Lander (VIDEO)

Here is a video from NASA successfully attempting to let a robotic lander land on its own.   NASA’s robotic lander mission team is currently testing these robots space landers to land sucesccfully on the moon, asteroids and other planets without the help or direction of people.

@yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

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