NFL: Roger Goodell Says He’s Open to Changing His Role in NFL Player Discipline

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has faced a lot of criticism lately surrounding his discipline of players.  There’s been complaints about his punishments being too lenient or too harsh and the fact that he became the judge, jury and executioner.  Now Goodell says he’s open to changing his role in the league’s process for player discipline.

NFL Report: Patriots Cheated From 2000-2007; DeflateGate Goodell’s “Make-Up Call” For Allowing Spygate

Welp if you thought the DeflateGate controversy would end once Tom Brady won his appeal, you were sadly mistaken.  In fact now a report has come out about the New England Patriots prior controversy, Spygate and how it relates to the prosecution against them for DeflateGate.

(Photo) NFL: It Ain’t Over Yet… Roger Goodell Says NFL Will Appeal in DeflateGate Case

I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of hearing about deflated footballs.  Apparently neither side is willing to throw in the towel.  Today it was announced that Tom Brady won his appeal and the judge nullified the four-game suspension levied against him for his alleged participation in deflating footballs before New England’s 45-7 victory over Indianapolis in last season’s AFC Championship Game.  Well Goodell isn’t ready to concede defeat yet and now HE will appeal.

(Video) NFL: Is This Proof Roger Goodell Is Enjoying What’s Happening To Tom Brady?

Ahead of Saturday’s induction ceremony, the 2015 Hall of Fame inductees came together for a formal dinner Thursday night at which they received their gold jackets. Commissioner Roger Goodell probably wish it never happened, thanks to a moment caught on the microphone.

NFL: Roger Goodell Announces He Personally Will Hear Tom Brady’s Appeal Of His Suspension

This clearly is not a good thing for Brady, the Patriots or the NFLPA. Yesterday Tom Brady officially filed his appeal of the four game suspension he is facing for his alleged role in “deflate gate”. The Players Association had asked for an independent person to hear the appeal, but because of the power Goodell has, he declined and instead appointed himself as the person to hear the appeal, which obviously is a clear conflict of interest.

NFL Owner on Robert Kraft & Roger Goodell’s Close Relationship: “Pretty Much Dead”

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been a big supporter of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.  In fact, their relationship was cause for worry that the investigation and subsequent punishment for DeflateGate would be in the Patriots favor but the opposite happened.  Goodell came down hard and swift on the Patriots, fining the team $1 million, a first round draft pick in 2016, a fourth round draft pick in 2017 and star quarterback Tom Brady is suspended for the first four games.  Kraft said the punishment “exceeded any reasonable expectation” and was based completely on circumstantial evidence.  Now Kraft and Goodell’s relationship is reportedly inextricably broken.

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