NBA: 76ers Head Coach Explains Why Royce White Didn’t Fly With the Team to Spain

Royce White’s anxiety disorder has been the center of attention since he was drafted 16th overall by the Houston Rockets in 2012.  Fast forward and White still hasn’t played in an NBA game due to his disorder preventing him from flying and various discrepancies with the Rockets organization.  They eventually traded him to the Philadelphia 76ers and things seemed to look up as White said he would travel with the team including a trip to Spain.  Well White didn’t make the voyage and Sixers head coach Brett Brown has an explanation.  Read more after the jump.

ESPN’s 2013 NBA Player Rankings: 491-500 — Ouch, Does This Player Deserve To Be Last?!

For the 3rd year, ESPN is releasing their NBA player rankings.  Today they released 491-500 for the upcoming season. So who’s the unlucky baller to take that last 500 spot?!  It’s someone you know — not an unknown name. Check it out & let us know what you think…

(Photos of Her Injury) NBA: Royce White Under Investigation For Beating Up His Ex-Girlfriend

Another NBA player may be in trouble, this time it’s Royce White.  Royce White’s anxiety problems have been well documented and publicized & now he’s accused of beating up his ex-girlfriend in Texas.  Details after the jump…

NBA: Royce Reed Says Dwight Howard is Putting Their Son in Danger!

The ongoing battle between Dwight Howard and first babymother “Basketball Wives” star Royce Reed continues.  According to Reed Dwight Howard took off with their son and won’t tell her where he is, the problem with that is he doesn’t have his meds.  Read more after the jump.

NBA: Royce White Says ‘Hell No’ to Making 100 Flights in a Season

Royce White’s anxiety problems have been well documented and publicized.  The young NBA player has made it an objective of his to spread mental health awareness as he battles with his professional career.  He and the Houston Rockets could never come to an agreement in terms of his care and after playing several games with their D-League affiliate the Rio Grande Vipers, the Rockets traded him to the Philadelphia 76ers.  As I stated before his issues are no secret so the Sixers knew what they were getting, the question is how will they handle it.  Read more after the jump.

NBA: LOL, Kevin Durant Responds to Royce White’s Taunting Tweets & Then Royce Responds Again!!

My first thoughts when I saw Royce White’s tweets was “REALLY?!” and it seems like KD was thinking the same way. LOL. You really shouldn’t be talking trash when you haven’t played this season. Royce had sent some taunting words towards the Thunder and Kevin Durant’s way the other day on Twitter.  Well KD reacted today to them AND of course Royce had something to say in return (like our guy Joe said – copping a plea).  SMH. Unreal. Check it out…

NBA Trash Talk: Royce White Goes at Kevin Durant & Thunder!!

I enjoy some good trash talk, but sometimes it shouldn’t come from certain people.  Yes, Royce White is part of the team, but how do you trash talk when you haven’t played this season in the NBA (due to his mental health & disagreements with management – he’s played D-League)?!  After last night’s game 5 (Rockets beat Thunder 107-100), Royce took to Twitter to directly get at Kevin Durant and jab at the Thunder.  Then after those tweets, fans got at Royce and he had a message for them as well. SMH. Check out his tweets and weigh in after the jump…

(PHOTOS) NBA: Royce White Allegedly Paid $20K For Woman to Have Abortion (But She Didn’t)

Oh lawd.  Here we go AGAIN.  The Royce White drama continues.  We’ve shared the stories of Royce allegedly having a few babies mamas and may have 3 babies on the way (#s 3, 4 and 5).  Well the woman with baby #3 is claiming that he gave her $20k to have an abortion and of course she is sharing texts as proof.  Yikes.  SMH.  Fellas, I hope you are learning from this!!! Details after the jump…

(PHOTO) NBA: Whaaat?! Woman Claims She’s Pregnant with Royce White’s 5th Child

I TRY so hard to not judge, but sometimes you guys just make it hard for me. While we know that he has a severe anxiety disorder, apparently he seems to have an allergy to condoms as well?! Royce has been dealing with drama from the Rockets/D-League for months due to his disorder and we also heard about some other baby mama drama a few weeks ago where we found out two other women said they were pregnant with Royce’s babies (#3 and #4).   Nowwwww, there’s a 5th woman coming forward saying she’s pregnant!  We don’t know what the truth is, but she sent an email with specific details and shares a picture to try to prove she’s not lying.  To make things worse,  Royce doesn’t want anything to do with her and has blocked her from communicating with him.   It’s sad because children are involved. Full story after the jump…

NBA: Royce White Will Miss the D-League Playoffs

I’m not sure how to remedy Royce White’s situation concerning his anxiety disorder and his professional career.  He’s often said that conditions within the NBA weren’t suitable for his health and is often quoted saying the Rockets haven’t complied with what treatment should be upheld.  While I along with many others are in dark about exactly what he needs, he’s also having issues in the D-League.  After leaving without permission he returned to only soon leave again citing the playoff schedule would be too hectic.  Read more after the jump.

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