(Photos) Guess Which Rapper’s Baby Mama Was Flown Out To LA By Chief Keef!

Fetty Wap’s daughter’s mother remained out of the spotlight for the first few months of their daughter’s life in 2015, but she made her way to the web when she and Fetty started butting heads last fall. She went on to do tell-all interviews about him and all, and ended up enjoying the attention so much, she quit school to try to pursue a modeling career. Lezhae and Fetty have since reconciled, but since he’s preoccupied with a few other women romantically, Lezhae has set her sights set on other rappers. In the past couple of months, she’s made various men her #MCM on Instagram, including Tory Lanez and a local rapper from her Paterson neighborhood, but the latest was none other than Chicago native, Chief Keef. Her captions for all of the aforementioned men always seemed to allude that these posts were more than random admiration from afar, and now the latter has pretty much been confirmed to be true.

(Photos) WOW! Blac Chyna Is Boo’d Up With Rob Kardashian!

Talk about the ultimate burn! While Rob Kardashian is on rocky roads with his family, and Blac Chyna doesn’t like the Kardashians either for obvious reasons (hello, Kylie,) it appears the pair have found solace in each other’s arms. Last night, Kylie had actually posted and deleted a drawing of a devil-like creature, saying that it’s Rob. Perhaps this was what it was in reference to? Man oh man, what a mess! Pics in the gallery!

No, Kanye Is Not Making A David Bowie Album

Since David Bowie’s passing last week, rumors have surfaced that Kanye West would be doing a Bowie-inspired collaborative album of sorts. Various British tabloids began reporting the story in the last few days, and it began picking up so much traction that a petition was even started to keep Kanye from doing the album. People were so adamant, it quickly grew to over 5,000 signatures (and counting), but no worries – the whole report was incorrect to begin with. A rep for Kanye spoke to TMZ and revealed that there were never plans for Bowie and Ye to work together – posthumously or otherwise. They call the report “BS,” and remind fans that SWISH is on the way…totally Bowie-free.

Say WHAT?! Halle Berry Is Dating Rapper Chris Webby?!

If you let Star Magazine tell it, 49-year-old (and newly single) Halle Berry is dating 27-year-old rapper, Chris Webby. Bruh, what?! Suddenly, my future relationship with Chris Brown doesn’t feel so far-fetched anymore. OK! Magazine has picked up the story as well, and they report that a source told them:

“Halle’s having a lot of fun with Chris. She has a weakness for bad boys who are a little rough around the edges. He brings out her youthful side.”

This is the same magazine that made up that completely-sensationalized version of the Tyga debacle, however, so take that with a grain of salt.

OG Maco Responds To HIV Rumors

Earlier today, a “Blind Item” was posted about an Atlanta rapper, claiming that he was currently dying from HIV, and had infected two of his partners. As the day went on, audio of this alleged rapper was released, talking to a woman named LaLa about how he’s on his way out. Sounding quite sick and coughing throughout the phone call, the unnamed rapper pleads with LaLa to stay by his side, while she snickers and tells him that he needs to get treated in a hospital. The rapper in question tells her that in getting treated, they’ll end up taking him to jail, where he says he will not receive the proper care and die anyway. Throughout the call, LaLa refers to the man as “Ben,” and apparently, that is another name that Atlanta rapper OG Maco has been known to go by. The fact that it sounds like him didn’t hurt. As the rumors started speculating, the woman that leaked the audio (a friend of LaLa’s) was unearthed. She has began responding, saying that a beef with Maco’s current girlfriend is what led to her leaking the audio, as she alleges that Maco’s girl was talking badly about her kids. This is insane! Maco has since responded denying the rumors. He even had “LaLa” make a voice note saying he doesn’t have HIV. I’m not sure that proves much of anything, though. His girlfriend has also spoken out, posting (then deleting) a negative HIV test from November of this year. Check out all the…

Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q Apparently Got Into It In The Studio Recently

So apparently, the cousin of a Twitter-friendly kid was in the studio last week, and he happened to be lucky enough to come across a session featuring none other than Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q. The session wasn’t all daisies and butterflies, however, as the TDE labelmates reportedly got into it, and this Twitter-friendly guy wanted the tea after getting word from his cousin. “Aye @dangerookipawaa,” he wrote to TDE’s CEO, Anthony Tiffith. “My cousin was in the studio the other night tellin me Schoolboy q & K Dot got into a scuffle…” Apparently Top Dawg was feeling talkative, and replied with the following:

“Just family having a minor disagreement. Nothing serious.”

So he did confirm it, but let’s hope he’s for real when he says it’s minor. Brothers spar all the time, but we also know things are downplayed for the media all the time, so let’s see where this goes!

Keyshia Cole Is Engaged – But To Who?!

Yesterday evening, a fan tweeted singer Keyshia Cole, asking her whether she was married yet. Though Keyshia replied that she was not, she did add an interesting tidbit – she’s engaged! But who could it be? Last we heard, she was fighting women at Birdman’s condo, and blasting her ex-husband/son’s father Daniel Gibson on social media. When another fan asked if her fiancé was Birdman, Keyshia was quick to reply “No,” so we know it’s not him. Is it Daniel? Is it a mystery man? We need the 411, Keysh! Let us know!

Rumors Sweep Hollywood That Male Superstar Who Has Dated Many Celebrities Is HIV Positive

There is a rumor that a major Hollywood star has been tested positive for HIV. The actor, who’s identity is not being revealed for possible legal reasons, supposedly has a long list of famous former girlfriends. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Plot Twist?! Is Blac Chyna Starring In Future’s New Video? [PREVIEW]

All of these rumors surrounding a potential relationship with Blac Chyna and Future are going around – with tattoos, club appearances and more…but could it all be just promo for a new music video? Back in September, Future had taken to Twitter in search of the perfect leading lady for the visual to his DS2 cut, “Rich $ex.”

“I Need the perfect lady for rich sex video…any suggestions? #DirtySprite2”

(Photos) Did Amber Rose Get A New Celebrity Boo?

(I’m using the term celebrity loosely here, but he’s certainly not your average Joe.) Perhaps they’re working on something, perhaps they’re really an item, but either way – Amber Rose and comedian/actor Eric Andre seem to be pretty cozy these days! I first noticed the pair on Instagram last week, when Amber made Eric her #MCM, and Eric followed suit two days later with his #WCW. Since then, they’ve hung out twice and shared the photos on Instagram, and the captions are rather elusive, so as to leave a bit of confusion about their status. “He’s a total hottie and funny af #TheEricAndreShow,” Amber wrote with a heart eyes emoji for her #MCM. She also referred to him as “My F#ckin Bae” in another post. Hmm! Check out all their pics thus far in the gallery and let us know your thoughts! If they are an item, I suppose we can get rid of the hope we had for that Wiz Khalifa reunion. Ugh! I want them back together! What ever makes Amb happier, though! (Yes, I’m an Amb Stan, lol.)

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