(Photo) Rosie O’Donnell Daughter Was Found With Alleged Heroin Addict

First it was Rosie O’Donnell who was said to be unfit for parenting because of alleged drug abuse. As it seems those rumors where not true but her children still found some source of the drug else where. Which is Rosie’s worst fear as it would be any parent.

(Video) Does Jay-Z’s Nephew Have What It Takes ???: Mel Carter – “Runaway”

We just may have some new talent hitting the industry that’s a part of the Carter family. I think with a song like “Runaway,” this kid has the talent to make it off of his own name. I can defiantly dig the concept of his song. Drop down bottom, check out the video and tell me in the comments if Mel Carter will make it.

Cops Shut Down Major Highway For What?!?!

Texas cop shuts down free way, but why is he a hero? Hit the jump for the full story!

Auto: 13 Year Old Gets Mad At Parents, Drives Halfway Across Europe In A Benz

Teenagers are the same no matter where you go. They don’t like something mommy or daddy said and they throw a temper tantrum. Only exception in this case was the tantrum involved driving halfway across a continent! A boy in Italy who was adopted got into an argument with his adoptive parents. He waited for the right time and stole the keys to his father’s Mercedes and began his drive to Poland, to attempt to meet up with his biological sister. He only had about $270 on him and his passport. Somehow he actually crossed the borders of 2 countries on his way. I say somehow because it baffles me how authorities at the borders didn’t feel something was wrong when he did not have a drivers license and he looked like a little boy. He was finally pulled over in Germany, not too far from the Poland border. Once his parents realized what was going on they got in contact with authorities and the Mercedes had a tracking system, which is how German police found him. In a twist, it turns out the boy is a champion go kart racer and is really into cars, which could explain him having enough skills behind the wheel to drive that far. Some parents are too soft. I would of got beat beyond my worst dreams. He apologized and his parents understood. Great way to make sure he doesn’t do it again. IamJOE357

(Video) Runaway California Teen Found Dead in Motel Room

Police say Patricia Martin, 17, and an unidentified man died from gunshot wounds at a motel in Newark, Alameda County, police confirmed. Their bodies were found Friday. For more info see video below. Eloisa Melo

Texas Runaway Found Pregnant In Colombia After She Was Mistakenly Deported

A Texas runaway who disappeared in 2010 was found possibly pregnant in Colombia recently after federal officials deported the teen, who doesn’t speak Spanish. Do you understand the type of lawsuit this girls family is about to file? Like consider them rich and gone. If you are their friend then consider them your former friends because they are rich behind this mes up. That is all! Click below to read the story. @WiLMajor

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