MLB: Ryan Braun Finally Admits To Cheating When He Won MVP

This is almost irrelevant at this time. We all knew already that Ryan Braun was taking PED’s when he accepted his 65 game suspension last month. Many people knew Braun was taking them back in 2011, when he won the MVP, and got lucky when his failed drug test was dismissed on a technicality. So him admitting it now is pretty much just to try and save face as much as he can. This should of been done a couple years ago. Hit the jump to see his full statement about it. As you read it, do you feel he is actually sorry or just doing it for fanfare?

MLB: Lawsuit Against Ryan Braun Alleges He’s Been Doping Since College

A longtime friend of Ryan Braun’s filed a lawsuit against the suspended slugger last month, charging that Braun defamed him after the friend provided help in his successful appeal of Braun’s positive steroid test in 2011.  Read more after the jump.

MLB: Nike Drops Ryan Braun After Suspension

I am surprised Nike took this long. Nike announced today they have ended their relationship with Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun. When he accepted his 65 game suspension for using PED’s, you knew all his endorsements were going to leave just like his fans did. Nike does not play when it comes to their reputation as a company. Hit the jump for more.

MLB:(Photo) Fan Kicked Out Of Game For Wearing This??

This story is ridiculous. A fan at a Milwaukee Brewers game last night was told she had change her shirt or leave. What was so bad about the shirt? Nothing at all! The woman altered her Ryan Braun shirt to say “Fraud” on the back instead of Braun. Security told her she had to go or change the shirt. The team later said security should of never talked to her about it and they offered her free tickets to another game. You can’t sensor fans when it is the truth. Hit the jump to see the shirt.

NFL: Aaron Rodgers Says Ryan Braun Lied To Him

The line of people upset with Ryan Braun just continues to get longer and longer. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a longtime friend and business partner of Braun. The two co-own a restaurant in Milwaukee. Last year Rodgers was one of Braun’s biggest supporters when he had a failed drug test overturned, but as we all know now, Braun just got lucky with that test. Hit the jump to see why this friendship might be over.

Sports: Money, Money, Money!! Fan Who Had Bet with Aaron Rodgers Speaks Out!

A big side story to this whole Ryan Braun suspension mess has been about Packers QB Aaron Rodgers betting his entire salary this year that Braun was clean.  Obviously that didn’t work out so well for Rodgers.  Well the fan that had that bet with the QB is speaking out.  Does he want Aaron’s salary?! Check out what he had to say about it…

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