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Grand Jury Selected For Michael Brown Shooting!


Well it looks like we might be making some progress in the Michael Brown case. A grand jury has been selected and they are deciding rather to charge the police officer with murder or not. Unfortunately, African Americans are the minority on the jury. Is this a set up? This was the same problem for the Trayvon Martin case! Hit the jump for more details on this one.

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Couple Lock Kids In Trailer To Do WHAT?!!


Lawd! A couple in California has been arrested for locking two young girls into a beyond filthy trailer for THREE YEARS! If you thought the couple was actually doing something productive you might be right, they were playing WORLD OF WORLDCRAFT! Fix it Jesus! Hit the jump for more details

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Man Is SO Drunk He Does WHAT!!?

In the words of Phaedra, fix it Jesus. A 21 year old man in Arkansas has been arrested for the murder of his 22 year old pregnant girlfriend. Donald True was so drunk that he doesn’t remember killing his girlfriend and leaving her in the bathroom! He was charged with two counts of murder. Hit the jump for more details

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Say What!? Phaedra Is Leaving RHOA!!?

_Is Apollo Nida Ready To Bail Out On His Marriage To Phaedra Parks

Couldn’t say we didn’t see this coming. With all the recent troubles in the Nida-Parks household it is only right that Phaedra takes some time off and focus on her family. However, Apollo doesn’t seem to be following in the same footsteps. Instead of spending time with his family, he has still been seen taping episodes of the new Real Housewives season! To add insult to injury, he has been taping his scenes with his rumored mistress Kenya! Hit the jump for more details.

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(Video) Family Demands For Investigation After Great Grandmother Is Attacked By A Police Officer !


A family in California is demanding justice after a great grandmother was beaten up by several police officers on a highway! Reports say the woman was walking on the highway and she was walking towards the sidewalk after a officer told her to get off the highway. Instead of letting her get off, he started to attack her. Find out more details after the jump!

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(Video) Ice Cream Man Gets Attacked By Teenage Girls In NC

What is wrong with these kids now a days! A group of teenage girls in North Carolina is seen in a video beating up a ice cream man! There is no motive behind the attack, besides the group of teens just being bored! Smh, watch the sick video after the jump!

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Home Invasion Victim Calls 911, Gets Voicemail!

Imagine someone breaks into your home and you call 911, and you get the VOICEMAIL! Well that was the harsh reality for a person in Florida. While having their home broken into they call 911 and no one answered! I thought the movie “The Purge” wasn’t real! Read more after the jump.

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Teenage Girl Dies After Prom


This is a sad, sad story. A 17 year old girl in Texas died mysteriously the day after her senior prom. After attending a post prom party, she was found unresponsive by her boyfriend the next morning. Smh, read more about the story after the jump.

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9 Year Old Boy Gets Killed Defending Sister From Sexual Assault


A 9 year old boy in Virginia was killed yesterday from a teenage boy who was raping his 11 year old sister. The two children was playing outside when a teenage boy came and attacked the 11 year old girl, when her brother came to her help he was hit with a brick and killed. As of today no charges has been filed, however, the alleged attacker is in custody. Watch the news article after the jump.

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Bride Kills Neice After Wedding!

IFWT_Random Bride

I guess this bride is the ultimate “Bridezilla” huh? A Bride in PA got into an argument with her 21 year old niece over who was going to drive. The Bride didn’t waste anytime handling things, she grabbed her new husband gun and shot her niece ultimately killing her. SMH, read more after the jump.

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