(Video+Photos)California Man Arrested After Shooting His Mother And Cutting Her Heart Out


A California man is in police custody after killing his mother and slicing her heart from her chest because he claimed she was killing herself with prescription painkillers. When asked how he felt about his actions he told detectives, “good.”

So Sad: Georgia Couple Killed After Kidnapping

A Georgia couple was killed after being handcuffed and beating during a kidnapping. Brianna Brooks, who was also pregnant during the kidnapping, was taken off of life support. Her fiancé, Jeronta was killed after he ran back to save his fiancé during the abduction. For now, theres not motive for the kidnapping but the family believes they were targeted due to a large settlement they recently received. Read more below.

(Photo) Sports: Oh Wow! Erica Mena Fires Shot At Miss Jackson, Calls Her “Sad” For Suing Floyd

By now the world knows Floyd Mayweather’s Ex, Shantel Jackson, aka Miss Jackson has filed a lawsuit against him, claiming abuse, assault and even threats via a gun. Among the claims is that Floyd abused her for years while they were together. The story she is saying does appear strange at this time because why now? She was with Floyd for a while and never had one claim of being mistreated or assaulted and not too mention they haven’t been together for a while now so again, why now? Obviously Love & Hip-Hop star Erica Mena must be wondering the same thing because she left a comment on Instagram calling Miss Jackson fake & sad! However I must repeat nobody knows any facts as of now besides Floyd & Jackson. Hit the jump.

Mom Kills Disabled Daughter To Receive Insurance Money!!

The sad things people do for money. A 32 year old woman in White Plains has been arrested for starving and refusing medication to her 8 year old special needs daughter. As well as refusing food and medicine, the mother and her husband abused the girl by beating and refusing to clean her. They did all of this so they can inherit the child’s million dollar trust fund. Read more below.

Man Kills Girlfriend After She Survived Deliberate Car Crash!

This is one sad story. A man is PA killed his girlfriend by suffocation after she didn’t die from a deliberate car crash! Police say Benjamin Klinger purposely drove into a guardrail at 100 mph in hopes to kill his girlfriend, after she didn’t die, he then suffocated her. He is expected to serve over 28 years in prison. Read more below

Grand Jury Selected For Michael Brown Shooting!

Well it looks like we might be making some progress in the Michael Brown case. A grand jury has been selected and they are deciding rather to charge the police officer with murder or not. Unfortunately, African Americans are the minority on the jury. Is this a set up? This was the same problem for the Trayvon Martin case! Hit the jump for more details on this one.

Couple Lock Kids In Trailer To Do WHAT?!!

Lawd! A couple in California has been arrested for locking two young girls into a beyond filthy trailer for THREE YEARS! If you thought the couple was actually doing something productive you might be right, they were playing WORLD OF WORLDCRAFT! Fix it Jesus! Hit the jump for more details

Man Is SO Drunk He Does WHAT!!?

In the words of Phaedra, fix it Jesus. A 21 year old man in Arkansas has been arrested for the murder of his 22 year old pregnant girlfriend. Donald True was so drunk that he doesn’t remember killing his girlfriend and leaving her in the bathroom! He was charged with two counts of murder. Hit the jump for more details

Say What!? Phaedra Is Leaving RHOA!!?

Couldn’t say we didn’t see this coming. With all the recent troubles in the Nida-Parks household it is only right that Phaedra takes some time off and focus on her family. However, Apollo doesn’t seem to be following in the same footsteps. Instead of spending time with his family, he has still been seen taping episodes of the new Real Housewives season! To add insult to injury, he has been taping his scenes with his rumored mistress Kenya! Hit the jump for more details.

(Video) Family Demands For Investigation After Great Grandmother Is Attacked By A Police Officer !

A family in California is demanding justice after a great grandmother was beaten up by several police officers on a highway! Reports say the woman was walking on the highway and she was walking towards the sidewalk after a officer told her to get off the highway. Instead of letting her get off, he started to attack her. Find out more details after the jump!

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