Sports: Saints & Pelicans Owner Says His Daughter & Her Kids Tried To Kill Him For Control Of Teams

Talk about a family feud! New Orleans Saints owner, Tom Benson, who also owns the Pelicans franchise of the NBA, testified under oath that his daughter and her children have tried to kill him so they could gain control of the teams. The family is currently locked in a bitter dispute as Benson has decided to leave everything to his wife, Gayle Benson, who is not his daughter’s mother.

NFL: Former Saints Player Will Smith Shot To Death, Wife Also Shot During Road Rage Incident

This is so tragic and so senseless it’s sickening. Former New Orleans Saints player, Will Smith, along with his wife were both shot late last night In New Orleans in what was an apparent road rage incident. Smith was pronounced dead at the scene while his wife is expected to survive.

(Photos) NFL: Jimmy Graham Throws Shot At Saints While Congratulating Player Who They Just Traded

It’s no secret Jimmy Graham wasn’t very unhappy when he learned the Saints traded him to the Seahawks. It’s not that going to a Super Bowl contender is a bad thing, he was upset with the way it went down and how he was kept in the dark. Apparently he still isn’t feeling his old team as he fired a shot via twitter, before deleting it of course.

(Video) NFL: Report, Video Surfaces From 2013 That Allegedly Shows Saints Player Hitting Women During Brawl

Saints Junior Galette was already going to have an issue with the NFL when he is scheduled to meet with them over an arrest from earlier this year, but this video could make things much worse for him.

NFL: Seahawks Players Say They Still Don’t Like Jimmy Graham, Don’t Care He Is On Their Team Now

Jimmy Graham is going to find his early days with his new Seattle Seahawks teammates pretty awkward. It was no secret Seahawks players didn’t like him after he was running his mouth prior to a playoff matchup between the Saints and Hawks. Graham is pretty much the best tight end in the NFL so you would think the issues between the players would die down since Graham is now a Seahawk after being traded by the Saints, but it appears that is not the case.

NFL: Unbelievable! Darren Sharper Now Charged With Rape In Las Vegas, Makes Four States He Is Charged In

Former pro bowl safety Darren Sharper is already facing rape charges in three different states and now you can add a fourth in a truly unbelievable case that is utterly disgusting if all this is true. He is already facing rape charges in California, Louisiana and Arizona and with now a fourth case coming from Nevada it would be hard to believe Sharper would ever again be a free man if convicted on all charges.

(Photos) NFL: Awkward? Jimmy Graham Is With The Seahawks Now, But Bruce Irvin Still Wants To Fight Him

It was just last year when Jimmy Graham found himself surrounded by Seahawks players after he initiated some trash talking prior to the Saints playing the Hawks in the playoffs. Seattle players didn’t take too kindly to Graham walking through their warm up area and let him know about it. It almost turned into a pre game brawl but people were able to separate the sides. Several Seattle players spoke bad about Graham after the game but now that he is one of their teammates after being traded this week it should be interesting to see how relationships take shape. One thing is for sure, linebacker Bruce Irvin doesn’t care if they are now teammates, he still wants a fight and let it be known via twitter after the trade happened. Check the gallery!

(Video) NFL: Guess Which Famous Actor Came To The Defense Of Saints QB Drew Brees?

Brees is one of the best QB’s in the world, but has had a rough season thus far. Reporters caught up with Brad Pitt, who came to Brees defense and offered some encouraging words. Hit the jump for details.

NFL: Drew Brees Has War Of Words With Former Saints Teammate, Drops Lawsuit Against Him

Drew Brees is giving up today on a lawsuit against one of his former teammates, Kevin Houser. The two were teammates on the Saints before Houser became a licensed security broker and left the team. The two had become friends and Houser convinced Brees to make an investment into a fake company according to Brees.

NFL: Saints QB Drew Brees Goes In On Roger Goodell’s Method Of Discipline

Brees, a one time Superbowl MVP, strongly disagrees with the way the NFL Commissioner handles incidents and made a strong argument as to why there should be a new disciplinary procedure. Hit the jump for details.

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