Damn, Check Out How Much Nick Cannon Was Making On AGT!

Nick Cannon announced his departure from America’s Got Talent earlier this week, following controversy over a joke he’d made about the show’s network, NBC, being racist. In his statement, Nick alleged that he was leaving before he was inevitably fired, something he said the network had plans to do. However, NBC “sources” responded saying they were blindsided by the announcement, and had no plans in ending their 8-year relationship with him. They added that there will likely be some legal ramifications if he walks away.

(Pictures) Your Favorite Music Artist Gets Paid HOW MUCH Per Show?!

Earlier this week we found out Rihanna gets paid $100k to sit and cross her legs at a single fashion show. But, have you ever wondered how much your favorite artist is getting paid to rock the mic? Well now you can find out. Check out the gallery to find out how much Kanye, 50 Cent, Jay Z and others get paid to put on a show!

(Video) Does Your Salary Predict How Nice You Are?!

An unknown rigged game of monopoly has just proven that people with more money are meaner than those who do not have as much as them! An experiment, showed that monopoly players that were given more money in the game with out explanation had become more competitive, arrogant and just down right rude. Check out the transition from monopoly game to societal hierarchy below.

NFL: You Think NFL Players Are Making Money? Wait Till You See What Commissioner Goodell Make$!

NFL superstars make a ton of money. Peyton Manning made almost $20 million this past season. Tom Brady was also near that same number. After winning the super bowl last year, ravens quarterback Joe Flacco turned that into a new $20 million a year contract as well. But none of them are stuntin’ like commissioner Roger Goodell. Last year alone he raked in $44 million dollars! The year before that it was around $30 million, which makes the $11.5 million he made a few years ago look like chump change. So basically he has a three year total of over $80 million which would put him far ahead of any athlete in any sport salary wise. I definitely picked the wrong side of sports to be interested in.

NBA: Rookie Can’t Touch His Salary For 3 Years

This kid has been paying attention!!  I applaud Michael Carter-Williams for this decision.  I think it’s the smartest thing he could have done. The 76ers rookie has his NBA salary in a trust fund that he can’t touch for 3 years. Details after the jump…

Sports: Want To Know What The AVERAGE Pro Athlete Makes? You Will Be Surprised

Not all athletes are rich. For all the Lebron’s, Kobe’s, Peyton Manning’s and other big superstars that make the big bucks, there are many more athletes not making anything like that. Football players especially have it tough because in most cases contracts are written with no guaranteed money and a player can be cut at anytime. However, with that said, if you can hang around a pro sport for even just 4-5 years, you can come out living pretty comfortable. Some numbers are outrageous, for example, if you break down Kobe Bryant’s salary for 2012, he was paid $37,940 for every shot he made! So basically after making just 2 shots, he already made more than a average citizen will make an entire year! Hit the link after the jump to see what these players can make.

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