Sarah Palin Claps Back At Azealia Banks After Banks Said She Should Have A Train Run On Her By Black Men

Earlier today, Azealia Banks read what turned out to be a satire (aka fake) interview with Sarah Palin. With the headline quoting Palin as saying, “Even The French Understand That Slavery Wasn’t Our Fault, Because The Negroes Liked It,” you can imagine how the piece went on from there. In a series of now-deleted tweets (as she must have realized her error at some point,) Azealia wrote that Palin should have a train ran on her by “the biggest burliest blackest negroes,” among other expletives. The tweets quickly went viral, and caused enough of a headline that it prompted Palin herself to respond. And while I can’t stand her either, she may be the lesser of two evils in this situation.!

(Video) Smh: Sarah Palin Calls Trump Protestors “Punk A** Thugs”

Sarah Palin took to express her thoughts on the Donald Trump protestors. She called them “punk a** thugs.”

Sarah Palin Backs Up Donald Trump For President

There has been an attention match amongst presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, to have the backing of Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor; she has decided to go with the Trump. “I’m proud to endorse Donald J. Trump for president,” the 2008 presidential nominee said in a statement to NBC. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Wait, What? Sarah Palin Says Immigrants Should “Speak American”

According to Sarah Palin, while in America, Spanish-speaking immigrants should “speak American.” During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper Palin made comments in response to the clash between Republican hopefuls Jeb Bush and Donald Trump. Recently Trump stated he felt candidates should not speak Spanish while campaigning and Bush who is a Spanish speaker called Trump intolerant. Read more below.

The Nerve: Sarah Palin Compares Planned Parenthood To The Confederate Flag & Says WHAT?!

Former Republican presidential candidate Sarah Palin is infamous for voicing her opinion, often to the point where it can make many uncomfortable and angered. Palin has been going ham via her Facebook page with her #DefundPlannedParenthood campaign photos. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which is cool, but she took it absolutely TOO far. The politician posted a photo comparing the Confederate flag along side the Planned Parenthood logo with text on top that reads, “Which symbol killed 90,000 black babies last year?”

Oh Damn! Sarah Palin & Her Family Involved In A Drag Down, Knock Out Fight!!!

The Palins are not looking so political now, are they? Last month, near Anchorage, Alaska Sarah Palin and her family Todd – his kids – Willow, Track, and Bristol went over to a house party when all hell broke lose. It all started when a woman shoved big sister Bristol’s little sister, Willow. Hands were thrown. It even came down to an entire crowd shouting, “F**k the Palins!” Yes, deep. Find out more after the jump.

Sarah Palin’s Thoughts On Intervening In Syria: Once Again “Let Allah Sort It Out”???

Former Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin, has no issue expressing her dissatisfaction with President Obama’s political decisions during his presidency. Having already said that she believed that we should “Let Allah Sort It Out” when it comes to the U.S aiding Syria earlier this summer, she has now took to her Face Book to reinstate her “message” on President Obama’s decision to intervene in Syria earlier this week. Hit the jump to see the post!

Say What?? Sarah Palin On Syria: ´Let Allah Sort It Out´

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin criticized the Obama administration’s decision to supply weapons to the rebels in the civil war in Syria today, arguing that the U.S. should “Let Allah sort it out” until there is a stronger leader in the White House. Hit the jump to read her quote.

Sarah Palin Calls White House Correspondents Dinner Pathetic, Calls Participants A**Clowns

Sarah Palin wasn’t happy with the jest filled White House Correspondents Dinner, calling the DC media A**clowns and saying that they are pathetic while, real Americans are out working. She’s never attended, maybe her invitation got lost in the mail. Either way she doesn’t seem like the type that would enjoy such a get together, a lot of the jokes might go over her head, or be directed at her, I’m not sure she could handle that. Check the gallery above to see what she had to say.

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Michelle Obama And Other Celebraties HACKED!!

Yesterday, A website that will go unnamed, released private information about celebrities and public officials effected were; Kim Kardashian, Joe Biden, Robert Mueller (FBI Director), Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder (U.S. Attorney General), Charlie Beck (LAPD Chief), Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Jay Z, Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Sarah Palin, Hulk Hogan, Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Michelle Obama. The information, which was posted publicly, includes social security numbers, mortgage amounts, credit card info, car loans and banking information. The FBI is currently investigating this website.

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