What’s New On Netflix And What’s Leaving For July

Its that time again when Netflix adds new shows and movies to its line up and takes away some favorites. With just days left before July hits, see the full list of what’s new on Netflix and whats leaving us in July after the jump.

(Video) WTF: 9 Month Old Baby Killed By Saw Because She Wouldn’t Stop Crying

Officially the worst headline of the year: 9 Month Old Baby Killed By Saw Because She Wouldn’t Stop Crying (SMH, WTF, SMH)…

(Video) LMAO! What’s It Like Livin’ With Jigsaw From Saw Movies (Parody)?

It’s Halloween season again, most of us have seen the blockbuster horror Saw. But here’s one question you have to ask yourself, have you ever wondered what it would be like to live with Jigsaw? Nope, me neither. But these guys did! To check out the parody of the horror flick, click below.

Homeless Man Admits Sawing Fingers Off Dead Man To Steal Gun After Finding Corpses

To a homeless couple, the bodies of a father who had slain his 9-year-old son and then killed himself weren’t a tragedy, they were an opportunity. Not only did they rob the bodies, Jerod Reeves sawed off the Denver dad’s fingers after he was unable to pry the gun from his cold dead hand. Click below to read the rest fo the story. @WiLMajor

Girls Rob Liquor Store Dressed Like “Saw” Characters, Tell Cops “JUST A JOKE!!” [Messed Mugshots]

Two girls get bored and rob a liquor store. They’re surprised to be in jail now. I guess police can’t take a joke. Details after the jump. Emma Rabid

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