Nicki Minaj’s Ex Boyfriend Safaree “SB” Samuels Is Apparently Suicidal Over Break-Up!

Nicki Minaj and her long-time boyfriend of 12 years Safaree “SB” Samuels have finally called it quits recently after all the years spent together. According to sources close to SB, he has been taking the break-up SUPER hard and has even gone to the extent of having suicidal thoughts. SB reportedly will not get in touch with Nicki because he thinks she is dating rapper Meek Mill over false reports that he cheated on her previously, which he is claiming is not true at all. According to the friend close to SB, he has been spending his nights smoking lots of weed and reminiscing over his tainted relationship with Nicki. His friends have even offered to help him find a good shrink to see but according to them, Safaree has no interest in doing so. What a mess! Let’s hope SB can get it together and find a way to move past Nicki somehow. However, the way that a*s has been looking….. very unlikely that it will be an easy task.

(Photos) WHOA! Did SB Move On From Nicki Minaj With This Woman?!

With Nicki Minaj and SB’s breakup now officially public, it seems that SB is picking up the pieces and moving right along…just like Nick is reportedly doing with Meek Mill. Instagram users have slowly been putting together puzzle pieces from both SB’s page and the page of a girl that goes by the name of Veronica Mac, and it seems pretty obvious that the two are spending a lot of time together. However, SB also tweeted a photo of the liner notes from Nicki’s album, showing that he not only still supports her…but that unlike previous reports, he DID help with this project, just like her previous two. SB’s name is listed as the A&R, so that means Minaj is still putting money in his pocket. Do you think this Veronica chick is just a space-filler until he and Nicki possibly work it out? I think so! Check the receipts in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

(Photos) SMH! Nicki Minaj’s Ex SB Is Sooooo Petty For This! BUT – Is Nicki With Meek?!

Nicki Minaj and her ex SB are obviously not on good terms. I mean, is anyone ever on good terms with their ex when they first break up? (Well, some are…but you guys are weird. LOL!) If you didn’t know, Nicki and SB dated for over a decade, having been together way before the fame and the fortune. They’ve had their ups and downs throughout their relationship, but recently, the pair had what seems like may be their final split. As more details came out about the breakup, Nicki apparently busted the windows out of the Benz she bought for SB, and if the lyrics in her new song “Bed Of Lies” have any truth to them, it’s because he was a cheating dirty dog! SB has not been dealing with the breakup well, naturally, and not only deleted his Twitter…but now is pulling some petty moves on Instagram!

Damn, Nicki Minaj’s Ex Deletes Twitter – Reportedly Because Of The “Evil” Industry

The breakup between Nicki Minaj and SB is getting realer and realer. After she released her new single “Bed Of Lies” that seemingly details the split, SB has not only deleted his Twitter and been unfollowed by Minaj on Instagram, but also reportedly sent a few DMs to a fan explaining the turmoil he’s currently in before deleting. Check out what he said in the gallery. Hope he’s doing okay!

Lyrics Breakdown: Nicki Minaj Details Her Breakup With SB In New Song!

Nicki Minaj performed at the 2014 MTV EMAs last night, and in between the medley of her 2010 hit “Super Bass” and her latest single “Anaconda,” Nicki debuted a new track that will live on her forthcoming album The Pinkprint, due out December 15. Alongside singer Skylar Grey, Nicki performed a verse from “Bed Of Lies,” and it was very telling of her recent split with longtime boyfriend, Safaree ‘SB’ Samuels. It also touched on “poppin pills” at home, which may be a reference to the near-death comment that Nicki made during her acceptance speech at the 2014 BET Awards this past June! Check out the lyrics below and let us know your thoughts!

HOLD UP! Nicki Minaj Smashed The Windows Out Of Her Ex-BF Safaree’s Benz?!

AND THE SAGA CONTINUES! Nicki Minaj and her long-time hypeman/ boyfriend on the low Safaree ‘SB’ Samuels have been going through it lately. The two ended their long-time relationship and he even went to the extremes of covering up both tattoos he had of the femcee. New info had been revealed that the two apparently got into a crazy heated fight, resulting in Nicki smashing out the windows to his 2012 Mercedes Benz with a bat and chasing him around with it. She could have definitely went to jail but the catch is that SHE owns the car. Since Nicki was just letting him use it, she can’t get in any trouble for destroying her own property.

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