Psycho On The Loose! Man Who Buried A Busload Of Children Is Free From Jail!

Hide your kids, hide your wife …A man who was in jail for 35 years for kidnapping, killing and burying a busload of children has now been released from jail. Melissa Nash

Auto Talk: Some States Now Using School Bus-Mounted Traffic Cameras

City councils and state legislatures across the country are debating and passing initiatives to put traffic cameras on school buses. Rick Gresham, transportation director for the Cobb County school district in Georgia, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that 1,100 motorists pass his school buses when the stop sign paddle is out every single day. Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

Two 10-Year-Old Boys Charged With Sex Assault On 8-Year-Old On School Bus

Two 10-year-old boys in Houston are facing up to 40 years in prison for sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy aboard a school bus in August. Click below to read the rest of the story. @WiLMajor

70-Year-Old Florida School Bus Attendant, Beat And Bit Student

A surveillance video from a Florida school bus has surfaced that shows an elderly bus attendant beating and biting a student she says bullied her. Hit the jump to see the video. @WiL

Man’s Body Found On A School Bus!!!

A man’s body was discovered inside a school bus. The body of Thomas Milton Lewis was found Monday morning in a bus parked outside of a High School. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

Girl Being Punished For Witnessing Classmates Having Sex On Bus & Not Reporting It!

An Ohio woman says a charter school is punishing her daughter for not immediately reporting that she saw two classmates having sex on a school bus and for changing her seat during the bus trip. I’m thinking to myself well that’s what she gets for minding other people’s business!! LOL! Am I wrong for feeling that way?? I mean because I’ve always known that snitches get stitches, so homegirl should’ve kept her mouth shut about what happened in the back of the bus and she wouldn’t be getting punished! @Ash_Bankz

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