People Will Like You Less If You Do WHAT On Facebook??

A new study from researchers at four British universities has been published and yielded some revealing information on how what we share on Facebook – and how often we share it – affects our relationships in real life. The study specifically looked at the relationship between how frequently you posts images on Facebook and the impact this has on personal relationships. Heavy Facebook users GOTTA click through the jump for what the researchers found.

(Video) Little Girl Dying Of Cancer Gets Cured With HIV Virus?!?

In what is being called a miracle, a 6 year-old girl with a terminal case of leukemia was nearly dying when doctor’s recommended that she try a dangerous and controversial treatment to try to clear up the cancer. The doctor’s recommended she try an experimental treatment involving injecting a modified HIV virus into her bloodstream. This treatment is for patients who are extremely sick. So was she cured? Check out the video after the jump.

Could A Cure For HIV Finally Be Here? Scientists Say It’s “Months Away”!

This is HUGE! According to Danish scientists, an HIV cure that’s actually affordable is on the horizon…possibly arriving within the next few months! Human testing for the treatment is currently underway, after already proving successful in laboratory tests. 15 people are involved in the trial, with results expected in the second half of 2013.

(Video) So We’re Not Alone!? NASA Discovers Habitable Planets!

NASA made a huge discovery during their Kepler mission… What they discovered is that there are two new planetary systems that we never knew about. These planetary systems are in a habitable zone, three of the five planets found are super-Earth like and may be suitable for water, which means life-forms are a possibility. Click below for more information.

(Must See Video) The Truth About Parallel Universes!

With more and more information being released about quantum physics and the universe(s), it seems as though people are curious for answers. If you’re interested in finding out the truth about parallel universes, click below and watch this must-see video! It really puts things into perspective.

Record-Breaking Asteroid To Skim Past The Earth Next Month!!

A large asteroid is set to skim right past the Earth’s surface next month, precisely February 15th. The asteroid is half the size of a football field. The asteroid is reportedly closer than the satellites that host GPS tracking devices which is record-breakingly close. The asteroid will be 17,200 miles above the Earth’s surface. Click below for a news video regarding the asteroid and for some photos.

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