Wow! New Toothbrush Checks Your DNA For Signs Of Cancer & Alzheimer’s!

There is a new toothbrush that checks your DNA for signs of cancer and Alzheimer’s. Read more on the story after the jump!

New Alcoholism Treatment Gives Alcoholics An Instant Hangover???

A new way to treat alcoholism has emerged in the form of a vaccination.  Scientists have created a vaccine that gives alcoholics an instant hangover as soon as they take a sip of a drink.  Just imagine a hangover a few minutes after consuming one drink while you are out.  Yeah, I would probably stop drinking too. The vaccine lasts for a good amount of time as well, once it is in a person’s body it signals the body to not process or metabolise alcohol for about 6 months to a year.

NASA Confirmed: Small Earth-Like Planets Are More Common Than Realized

Very interesting! Scientist’s used NASA’s Kepler space telescope and found that small Earth-like planets are more common than realized. This evidence proves that life could be developed/could already exist somewhere else in our galaxy. Click below to read more. Melissa Nash

Tech Talk News: Are Printers Now Able To “Un-Print”??!!

With the rise of green movements across all industries this concept is actually a great. Scientists have developed an ink which can vaporize off a piece of paper. Text messages and emails might hold more weight than an actual document in the future. Hit the jump for the full story on “un-printing”. +TatWZA X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

Tech Talk News: LEGO Robots Help Scientists Build Artificial Bones

Toy-kit robots are helping a team of British scientists build artificial bones, a mind-numbing task their lab didn’t want to outsource to expensive industrial research and manufacturing robots. “LEGOs seemed like the simplest way,” PhD student Daniel Strange at Cambridge University, after the break!! @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

Tech Talk Science: Is Time Travel Closer Than We Think???

So they say Some Scientist at Cornell University have actually Have Bent the Fabric of Time….WHAT??? Wow, that’s crazy, cause watching a Documentary on Netflix the other day about what the tale of 2012 Really means, and one of the things is that time travel may be possible, Whoa! Ok hit the Jump to see the Video showing how they say they area doing it! +TatWZA

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