(Photo) Kim Kardashian’s Jet Gets Searched By Immigration Officials Days After She Criticized Muslim Ban

Just a few days after Kim Kardashian criticized Donald Trump for his Muslim ban, her jet was subjected to a search by immigration officials. The family was coming back from a four-day trip to Costa Rica when “customs and immigration officials”

(Video) Brazilian Cops Show Off New Way Of Searching Suspects

Talk about taking stop and frisk to a whole new level. Usually when we think of getting searched by police, we think getting patted down. Well in a video, we see Brazilian officers taking things to a whole new level.

(Video) More Police Brutality! @SaratogaSheriff Deputy Violently Smacks During Illegal Search; Cop Suspended

These Cops, not just NYPD or big cities, but the rural townships across the country, although the mandate is to serve and protect, they seem to be more about fulfilling some type of ego.

Watch Your Back: FBI Called To Hotel After Kris Jenner Receive Death Threats!!!

It gets real when you’re such an important reality star like as Kris Jenner (cough). The 58-year-old momager has been receiving threatening phones calls from a woman who says she plans to release a sex tape – starring Kris and Bruce Jenner (eww) – if she doesn’t get paid off. Well, the FBI has come to Kris’ rescue. Hit the jump for more details.

New Evidence Shows Malaysia Jet Was On Autopilot Entire Time Before Crash

Officials have yet to give up on the search for the Malaysian Airlines jet flight 370. They’ve actually changed the course of the search and also have found new evidence that suggests the jet was on autopilot the entire time before its plummet. Drop down bottom for the details.

(Video) Latest Developments On Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: What We Know And The Many Unanswered Questions For Authorities?

While its been ten days since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared investigators are still puzzled and left pondering just what happened to the flight? Were the pilots or airport ground staff indeed involved with hijack plot?The biggest questions looming over authorities now….where is the plane…And more importantly its 240 passengers?….

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