Kmart And Sears Stop Selling Trump Line

Kmart and Sears removed 31 Trump home items from their website. This happens right after Nordstrom decides to announce earlier this week that they had decided to stop carrying Ivanka Trump’s apparel because of declining sales.

(Video) CTFU! Shots Fired! Kanye Paid For Kim To Get On The Cover Of Vogue?

Here are the facts: Fact One: Kim Kardashian has wanted to get on the cover of Vogue for some time now Fact Two: Kanye West is now Kim’s baby’s daddy, and soon-to-be husband Fact Three: This is GREAT publicity for Vogue so hey, why not do it right before their summer wedding With Kim and Kanye on the front of Vogue, plenty of talk has gone around about whether or not the reality star deserved the slot. Some talk has been good, and some really bad – Reza Farahan from “Shahs of Sunset” being a part of that bad talk. Farahan says that Kanye had to pay for Kim to be on the cover, and hurdle over her in the process. The man calls her the “B-word” and everything honey, and no, not BOSSY! Check it out after the jump.

Damn! Paula Deen Dropped By Two More Stores!

It seems like everyday since her “apology,” Paula Deen has been dropped from stores or partners. Today both Sears and K-Mart have announced that they cut ties with the celeb chef. Yesterday, Paula was dropped from mega-stores Target, Walmart, and Home Depot after losing her QVC partnership. Sears Holdings, who owns both Sears and K-Mart released a pretty confusing statement. Read part of it below.

(Video) Kardashian Kollection 1 Year Anniversary

Time sure does fly! Its been a year since the trio launched their, dare I say, “klothing” line with Sears. See video below to see their new kollection! Eloisa Melo

Sears Being Sued By Women Who Were Videotaped In Store’s Dressing Rooms

A man by the name of Alejandro Gamiz is being sued (along with Sears) for placing hidden video cameras in Sears’ dressing rooms and videotaping female shoppers for a three year span. The story gets messier because Sears’ supposedly knew about the videotaping & threatned to cut an employee’s hours if she went to the media about the issue. Hit the jump for the rest of the story. Gernique N

A Retailer Is Headed For Bankruptcy!

A major retailer that has two major department stores under it’s chain is facing bankruptcy and as many as 120 of their stores and sister stores could be closing very soon. The retailer was hoping for a good Christmas season but both chains actually dropped in sales this year. According to reports, the struggles of the retailer started when the two stores merged together. Read more after the jump. Julie1205

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