Sports: Russell Wilson Joins Investment Group Trying to Bring NBA/NHL Teams to Seattle

Gary Payton recently announced that he was trying to bring an NBA team back to Seattle and that he knows an arena has to be built first.  Well, Russell Wilson knows that as well and has joined an investment group that is trying to build an NBA/NHL arena in Seattle to bring teams from those sports to the “best fan base in the world.”

NBA: Kevin Durant Wanted to be No. 1 Pick & Play With Blazers Until Sonics Traded Ray Allen

During the infamous 2007 NBA Draft, the Portland Trail Blazers chose Greg Oden with the No. 1 pick, while the Seattle Supersonics drafted Kevin Durant with the No. 2 pick.  Because of injuries Oden never got to live out the high expectations many had for him, and Durant went on to become one of the top 5 players in the NBA.  Now of course in hindsight Durant should’ve been the No. 1 pick and he definitely wanted to be, but he eventually was glad to be chosen by Sonics instead.

(Video) NBA: Gary Payton is Working on Bringing an NBA Team Back to Seattle

Gary Payton’s NBA career has been over for a while now but he still holds the city that drafted him close to his heart.  Payton was drafted by the Seattle Supersonics but the team was moved to Oklahoma City and renamed as the Thunder.  Seattle and its fans have since been fighting to get a team back in the city, but have been unsuccessful.  Payton is the latest person trying to get the task done, and he knows he has to start by getting an arena.

NBA: Former All-Star Vin Baker Now Working as Starbucks Manager After Losing $100 Million

Documentaries like ESPN’s 30 for 30: Broke, chronicle how easy it is for major athletes to earn hundreds of millions of dollars and somehow manage to lose it all.  Vin Baker was a former big man for the Milwaukee Bucks, Seattle SuperSonics and other teams — he of four straight All-Star appearances and one 20-and-10 season — fell into alcoholism and ended up losing nearly $100 million.  But he’s found solace, happiness and redemption in his latest endeavor.

NBA:(Video,Photos) WOW! New Seattle SuperSonics Arena Could Look Crazy

If the city of Seattle gets their way and the NBA comes back there, they could very well have the best new arena in the league. The Sacramento Kings are supposedly moving to Seattle. The city of Sacramento is still trying to fight it, but it pretty much seems to be a done deal. Seattle was always a good basketball city and will support an NBA team well. If the Sonics never left for Oklahoma City, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook would be kings of that city just like they are in OKC. The new arena that would play host to the new Seattle team is a sign of how serious they take basketball. Check out the video of how the arena will look and some pictures in the gallery.

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