Whoa, this ought to make you paranoid people even more shook! Apparently there’s a secret network of cameras all around L.A./Hollywood, constantly watching every car. One vehicle can be photographed up to 1000 times PER DAY. Thanks to said network, Soulja Boy’s red Bentley was recently impounded by the LAPD, after a review of footage from January 9th caught the rapper involved in a hit and run. A motorcyclist had T-boned the Bentley in Hollywood, and he ended up “seriously injured,” but the Bentley fled…likely because it was his fault, due to a reckless turn. A witness, who happened to be a friend of the injured motorcyclist, began asking around about the owner of the Bentley, and found out it belonged to none other than Soulja Boy. He alerted authorities, the cops got a search warrant and a judge agreed there was probable cause to believe the Bentley was involved in the accident, so they went and impounded the car. We’ll keep you updated on what happens!