(Photos) NBA: Did Wilt Chamberlain Have a Secret Son After Allegedly Sleeping With Over 20,000 Women?!

Wilt Chamberlain is mostly known for two numbers, 100: the amount of points he scored in a game and 20,000: the amount of women he allegedly slept with.  One of the most astonishing numbers associated with Wilt however is 0: the amount of children he has.  Well that final number might also be false as a man has emerged claiming Chamberlain is his father.

(Fellas Check The Pics!) Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Nia STAYS With Her A$$ & T*tties Out!

I know Karrueche has to be even more sick, because Chris Brown’s baby mama Nia is not only an Instagram thot, but allegedly a pretty sh*tty person who doesn’t even take care of her first child! The ex-girlfriend of the man who THOUGHT he was the dad of Breezy’s baby until the news broke yesterday has spoken out, blasting Nia and spilling the tea on her in an Instagram comment:

This is my ex and Nia is nothing but a little smut like I had told him. He never deserved that. He was nothing but a good father and person, I can vouch for that. I’d be surprised if Chris is the father, just like Brazil didn’t end up but acted like one. Nia also had a grown child she never took care of. These hoes ain’t sh*t.

(Photos) This Is Chris Brown’s Alleged Child’s Mother Nia, Their Daughter…And The Man Who Thought He Was The Dad

Shortly after TMZ broke the news that Chris Brown was the father of a nine-month old girl (pictured above,) the man that believed he was the father up until today took to Instagram to speak out. Via a page he’d created for their daughter, he called this “the saddest day of [his] life,” adding, “I dedicated my whole life to this family, now everything is gone…” (You can view the whole post in the gallery.) A quick scan of the 140+ photos revealed the mother in question, Nia, and some details about the family. Nia and the man involved live in Houston, Texas, and it appears they lived together. They have ties to music mogul James Prince and his son Jas Prince…which is funny, since Jas is credited as being the one to discover Drake. Breezy just can’t get away from this guy! It also appears that the little girl’s name is Royalty, though that may just be a nickname. We’ll keep you updated as we know more!

(Photos) Ludacris’ New Baby’s Mother Speaks Out: “Luda’s Never Seen His Daughter!”

Alright, I’m going to just say what we’re all thinking: Yo, this woman looks old as f*ck! Sorry, I’m really not here to tear anyone down or anything, but zamn! I’m just kind of wondering how all of this went down, especially when Ludacris’ longtime girlfriend Eudoxie is gorg! (Blah, blah…beauty is on the inside…blah, blah.) Anyway, back to the story. As we all know, Ludacris recently fathered a child outside of his current relationship (allegedly while they were “on a break”,) with a woman by the name of Tamika Fuller. The pair are currently in a bit of a battle in court over child support payments, with documents leaking left and right revealing extortion plots and the like! Meanwhile, Eudoxie isn’t even batting an eyelash over the whole ordeal. With the blogs running rampant with various reports and rumors, Tamika decided to step up and clear her name in a written statement. Check out what she had to say below.

(Photos) Ludacris & Eudoxie Don’t Seem To Have Any Trouble In Paradise…At ALL!

Photographed out for the first time since news of Ludacris fathering a secret love child while they were on a break, he and his fianceé Eudoxie looked just as happy as ever. The pair attended a movie screening earlier this week in Atlanta, and Luda looked very much the doting hubby, as Eudoxie happily smiled and posed for photos. Once again, taking a page out of D. Wade and Gabby’s book! Hey, if they like it…I love it!

Wow: Ludacris Reveals Extortion Plot From New Baby’s Mother

When you do dirt, it gets messy! As previously reported, Ludacris stepped out on his longtime girlfriend Eudoxie (they were reportedly “on a break” — sure!) and fathered a child with a woman by the name of Tamika Fuller. As the pair hit the courtroom for the customary child support battle, documents with details are starting to leak to the public, and they are full of some interesting tidbits! In docs filed from Luda’s end back in September, the famous rapper pleaded with the judge to issue a gag order on Tamika because he is “a major celebrity of great notoriety,” and that it was essential because Tamika was attempting to extort him for a car and $7500 for lawyer fees, or else she’d go public. Clearly, the gag order never happened. LOL. No word on if Tamika got her car, though! Meanwhile…Eudoxie is sticking by her man!

(Photos) Aww! 50 Cent Releases First Pics Of His Son With Daphne Joy … He Looks Just Like Daddy!

Earlier this year, 50 Cent and then-girlfriend Daphne Joy got into a domestic dispute that wound up involving police, and when arrest documents leaked, Daphne was listed as the mother of 50’s child. That was obviously news to the world, as none of us had heard of any such baby! Neither had officially confirmed until late last night, when 50 posted 2 photos of their son on his Instagram for the very first time. He’s so adorable and the spitting image of both mommy and daddy! Check him out in the gallery.

Rob Kardashian Makes A MAJOR Move To Get Away From The Limelight!

Rob Kardashian has up and moved from the state he grew up in and where all of his über-famous family lives, and is now residing over 2500 miles away – in Miami! This definitely adds fuel to the rumors that he fathered a secret child in the 305 a few years back. The move is apparently not that new. A source close to Rob revealed it actually happened 3 months ago! “He finally realized he needs to focus on himself and not do things the way his sisters do,” the source said. “He feels he needs a clean break. Rob feels like his family can’t see anything beyond the spotlight, but he wants more for himself than fame.” Hopefully living in Miami will get Rob back on the right track. He had a rough 2013 with gaining tons of weight while trying to cope with a breakup (that one sure was messy!), and as we’ve seen on Keeping Up With The Kardashians for years, he has always struggled with finding an identity for himself outside of “Kim Kardashian’s brother.” I’m not sure how his sock line did, but I’m sure he wants to add a little more to his resume than just that venture. Best of luck, Rob!

Whoa! Guess Which Jersey Shore Star Just Revealed He Has A Love Child!

DJ Pauly D has revealed that he has a child! The Jersey Shore star met a woman in Las Vegas during his residency last year, and one thing led to another….and now he has a little girl! Little is known about the mom other than that she’s 26 and she lives with their daughter somewhere in New Jersey (sadly no, it’s not me guys! LOL.) She has filed court docs in New Jersey to formally establish paternity, but Pauly has already taken a DNA test and he’s the dad. “I’m proud I’m a father,” the reality star/DJ said in a statement. “I am excited to embark on this new part of my life.” Congrats!

NFL: Adrian Peterson Has 2nd Secret Child?! A 3-Month-Old Baby Girl …

The way I see it,  a congratulations are in order.  Adrian Peterson has a 3 month old baby girl — not with his current girl.  I know the media is going to have a ball with this, but really — is it any of our business how many kids AP has with a different number of women?! We recently learned about a “secret” child that just passed away and now they are calling this baby girl a second “secret” child. I don’t know what else the press is going to find out, but I’m sure they are really going to dig now. SMH.  AP’s personal life is just that … personal.  The only thing that should matter is what he’s doing on the field. Details of the second secret child after the jump…

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