Social Security Overpaid $16.8 Billion To The Disabled

According to an audit conducted by the Office of Inspector General (OIG), the Social Security Administration (SSA) made 16.8 billion in disability overpayments in the last decade.

(Video) LOL! Jay-Z Protecting His Body Guard Julius?

Seems like Jay-Z, Beyonce, and their body guard Julius have been through hell and high water in recent years and we can add another moment to that collection. Jay-Z and his wife were recently spotted in NYC but ironically, Hov was the one doing the guarding? Click more to see the video!

Chris Brown Plans To Step Up His Home Security Game So NO Naked Stalkers Can Get Inside!

After coming home from a long weekend in Vegas, to Chris Brown’s surprise, he found a naked woman in his home with a trail of roses and “Mrs. Brown” spray-painted EVERYWHERE (cars, kitchen, etc.) With that being said, Breezy must have realized his security game was not on fleek what-so-ever. However, he now plans to turn his home into a semi-prison with no possible way to break into his Agoura Hills home. Apparently when Ayeb broke into his mansion, his old security system wasn’t even on (oh he is WHYLEN!) However, he has now installed a top-notch security system that should keep the crazy stalkers out of his home. As for Ayeb, Breezy doesn’t want to press charges because he feels that prison will do nothing for the young lady. In fact, he just wants her to get help for whatever issues she’s dealing with.

Boxing: $1 Million Dollar Belt That Goes To Winner Of Mayweather/Pacquiao Travels With It’s Own Security

The belt that will be presented to the winner of the epic May 2nd fight between Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao is traveling better than most people! That’s what happens when you are worth $1 million dollars and covered in about 3,000 mini emeralds. The belt will be unveiled next week at the WBC headquarters in Mexico, where it will then travel to Vegas with the president of the WBC and two armed security guards. Once they arrive the belt was be transferred to officials at the MGM who will hold on to it until the winner of the fight is announced. Check the gallery!

NBA: Punk Move? Lebron Allegedly Made The Nets Move An Elderly Fan Because He Was Distracting

I seriously hope Lebron is not this petty, but it sure seems to be the case. According to reports, Lebron forced the Nets and NBA security to force an elderly fan named “Mr. Whammy” to be relocated from his seat, all because Bron had a fit when he missed a free throw.

(Video) Kid Gets In Security Guard’s Face And Gets Knocked Out

Kid Gets In Security Guard’s Face And Gets Knocked Out. To all you fake tough guys out there that go to the gym five days a week, lift a crazy amount and feel like you can take on anybody or anything.. You can’t. Check out the video below.

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