(Video) A Video Surfaces Of 21-Year-Old Bernie Sanders Getting Arrested During A Segregation Protest

A video has just surfaced the net of a younger Bernie Sanders getting arrested during a segregation protest. The video is from 1963 and shows a student from the University of Chicago being taken away by police.

(Photos) Kid Cudi Fires Back At Complex Mag For ‘Black Twitter’ Comment

Kid Cudi went on a deleting spree today, after getting aggravated by a tweet that Complex put up regarding ‘black twitter.’ We’re all pretty aware that ‘black twitter’ exists, there’s no denying that. But, we’re not too sure if Cudi has ever heard of it…

(Photos) First Black Student, Ruby Bridges, To Attend An All White School Thanks The Last Marshall Alive!

Yelled at, screamed at, being heckled, called names and all at the age of 6-years-old. Ruby Bridges has endured it, but she had some help. Just in-case your school skipped this in history class, Ruby Bridges was the first black child to attend what was (before she stepped foot on the grounds) a segregated school. In 1960, the brave little girl wanted an education and walking her through the doors of, William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans were four Marshalls – only one, Charles Burks, 91 is still alive. 50 plus years later the two meet up again for a special event, and Ruby thanks one of the men that protected her on a daily basis. Hit the jump to get a glimpse into the interaction.

(Video) They Still Have This? Segregated Prom?!?

Four friends in Wilcox County, Georgia are trying to raise money to host an integrated prom. This school has had segregated proms for many years, and there is, separately, one black and one white prom every year. These girls literally could not attend prom together as two of them are black and two are white, and are fighting to have this backwards tradition removed. Check out the video after the jump.

(Video) SHOCKING Video Of The KKK In Full Effect

Hard to believe that the Ku Klux Klan is alive and thriving as a subculture in our society, despite the diversity in this country.  They just won’t let go of segregation and will not let down their guards and accept the real world and the country we live in.  So they practice old traditions and rituals and still hide behind their robes and hoods, which they give as gifts to young children in their community.  Hit the jump for the shocking message one of the leader has. Steph B

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