(Video) Men Who Reportedly Fought With Meek Mill In The Airport Claim “Self Defense”

Yesterday afternoon, reports surfaced that Meek Mill had been arrested in a St. Louis airport after reportedly getting into a fight with two employees who’d asked for a selfie. Meek was quick to update fans and let them know he’s nowhere near a jail cell, but details around the incident are still vague.

(Video) No Plug Admits To Killing Bankroll Fresh Out Of Self-Defense

Always happy, even when speaking on a close friend you killed. Smh.

(Photo) Sex Worker Kills Alleged Serial Killer Who Could Be Linked 10 Other Murders

Police say a sex-worker that killed a man in Charleston, West Virginia probably saved lives. The man she killed in self-defense was possibly a serial killer. Read more below.

George Zimmerman Speaks With Police Following ‘Self-Defense’ Incident; Plans On Leaving Florida

Monday, news broke that George Zimmerman was shot at in Lake Mary, Fla., and the bullet had just missed him by inches. The shooter, Matthew Apperson had claimed that it was all out of self-defense. At the time, Zimmerman had refused to speak with police without his attorney, but he has since got the chance to give his statement. More after the jump.

A$AP Rocky Saying He’s Not Paying!!

A$AP Rocky is being sued after his NY clothing store brawl that got him a trip to the pokie charged with assault and robbery, but those charges were due to Rocky trying to beat up two photogs who were on the scene and steal their cameras. He struck a plea deal for the assault and robbery charges, but now the guy who Rocky claims started the fight wants some more. He sued A$AP last year saying that he caught him doing drugs in the store and Rocky attacked him, Rocky says Shenick Alcine, the man who is suing him was lying and that Rocky only threw punches in self defense. Rocky wants the suit thrown out ASAP.

“Stand Your Ground” – NO – George Zimmerman Will Be Claiming Self Defense At Trial

Mark O’Mara, George Zimmerman’s attorney informed the judge today that the “Stand Your Ground” hearing will not be necessary. No separate hearing will take place and come June of this year, Zimmerman’s defense will be self-defense. O’Mara also wanted the medical records of the female witness that Trayvon Martin was on the phone with during the time of the shooting. The female claims that the reason she didn’t show up to the funeral of Martin was because she was in the hospital. Bubbles burst, because the girl lied – she never was in the hospital. What does her medical records have to do with Zimmerman? This girl being on the phone with Trayvon has to do with why Zimmerman shot the kid? Drop down bottom for more on what’s happening.

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