(Fellas Check The Pic!) Vida Guerra Takes A Selfie & Shows Off That CAKE!

Fellas check out this pic of Vida Guerra showing off her cake in a selfie!

(Photo) Hillary Clinton Tweets A Selfie?!?

First Bill joined Twitter, and now the former First Lady and Secretary of State has a Twitter account. She took a picture of her and Chelsea backstage with the caption “Having so much fun with Chelsea, taking selfies back stage.” Check out the pic in the gallery.

(PHOTO) MLB: LOL, Watch Out! Reporter Almost Hit While Taking A Selfie!

Gotta love those selfie pics! While reporter Kelly Nash was working on a story at Fenway Park, she decided to capture the moment by taking a selfie.  Little did she know how close she came to being knocked in her head by a flying ball. SMH. I don’t take many selfies, but if I did – I could see this happening to me. Lol. Check out her story and the picture after the jump…

Daring Or Dumb?!?! Thief Posts Weed Smoke Selfie On Victim’s FB!!!!

I mean I’m from the Hood, so I know when someone yaps another, there is a bit of Bravado that comes with it, and usually when trees(weed) are involved, there can be some bad decisions made, BUT with the fact that Smartphone(mostly iPhone) robberies on the rise, the police have been becoming Very involved, even as going as far as carrying iPhone so they can perform ‘Find My iPhone’ and track down thefts immediately, as long as the phone is on…So I don’t know WTF this guy was thinking?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????? Hit the Jump to see this soon to be Infamous Pic!!!!

(PHOTO) NBA: Just Like Us?! Jay-Z Caught Taking A Selfie At Lakers/Thunder Game?!

Yes, ladies and gents – Hov is just like us regular folk…kinda.  We shared some pics of Jay-Z, Denzel & more celebs courtside at the Lakers/Thunder game earlier today, now we found a few more!  There’s a couple pics going around Twitter where it looks like Jigga is taking a selfie while at the game.  We can’t be sure, maybe he just couldn’t read his email and needed to move his phone back – but it def. looks like Hov is just like a lot of other fans and took a selfie. Check it out…

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