(Photos) Kris & Bruce Jenner Taking Selfies… Together?! What’s Going On Here?

Geez! Kris Jenner posted a snap of herself with estranged husband Bruce Jenner and his two sons Brandon and Brody at Kendall’s birthday party, on Monday. The couple joined together for their daughters birthday, taking selfies like the separation never happened! Super amicable or what?! Hopefully the two work out for the better, my honest opinion is… it’s all probably for ratings! The show’s ratings have gone down a significant amount since Kim’s second wedding with Kris Humphries. So the ‘separation’ being portrayed on the show for ratings and views wouldn’t be such a surprise to me! See their flicks below!

(Fellas Check The Pics!) Who’s Thirst Trap Was Better?: Nicki Minaj Vs. Rihanna

Yesterday, both Ri and Nicki gave us some amazing selfies. Ri shared her booty, Nicki shared her jugs. But which one was better? Let us know what you think! See their flicks below!

(Photos) Amanda Bynes Posts More Selfies And Goes On Another Crazy Rant!

If you didn’t know already, Amanda Bynes has changed her look and is channeling her inner Blac Chyna and Nicki Minaj. Not only has she changed her look, but she has been changing her behavior as well, she’s been going IN on bloggers including Perez Hilton (for posting “bad” pics of her). Well she went at it again and went on a long rant, it’s pretty entertaining to read. She also posted some selfies as well. Click below and check out the gallery to check it out!

(Fellas Check The Pics!) Amanda Bynes Is Really Transforming, She’s Looking Very Thick In Her Selfies!!

Not sure if Amanda Bynes is having an identity crisis or if she’s just becoming who she always wanted to be, but she’s looking a lot like Nicki Minaj lately (and is really trying to get at Drake). Amanda changed her entire look, from the way she does her hair to her new cheek piercings, and now she’s even looking thick (and Kim K absolutely LOVES it)! Click below and check out the selfies she recently posted.

See What Phone These Sexy Celebs Use For Their Selfies!!!!!

You Know I Love Women Selfies, Especially The Nude Ones, But here after the Jump we have some Very Sexy Celebs taking Selfies with their phone of chose…The iPhone!

(Video) Ow! Rihanna Shows Us How To Really Take Selfies!!

Rihanna recently hung out with Complex and took some lovely cover photos, while she was there she did a little demonstration on how to take selfies. You know she’s doing it right because her instagram stays filled with thousands of likes and comments for each pic. Hit the jump, watch the video and take Rih’s advice to really step your instagram game up! #SelfieLife Melissa

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