Selma Blair Complains About Charlie Sheen & Gets Fired?!?

Charlie Sheen has been through tough public situations and back, and even though he’s a ticking time bomb, he obviously still winning. Selma Blair, his co-worker on Anger Management said something that pissed Charlie off, and you won’t believe what he called her. Don’t f*ck with Charlie or you’ll get burned! Check out what happened after the jump.

Damn…Selma Blair Dropped From “Anger Management” For Talking Ish About Charlie Sheen!

Actress Selma Blair has officially been fired from Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management” show…and it was all for talking ish about Charlie! When the actor got word she was complaining about his work ethic behind his back, he went straight to the producers and told them if they didn’t fire her, he’d leave the show. “We are confirming that Selma Blair will not be returning to Anger Management and we wish her the very best,” the show’s production company said in a statement. Clearly, their choice has been made. Ouch.

(Photos) Oh My Goodness! Selma Blair Is SCARY-Skinny After Breakup (Like, 80lbs!)

Breakups are never an easy thing to go through, and some women end up losing a ton of weight due to loss of appetite from stress. This can also go the opposite way, with many women gaining weight with overeating due to the same stress. Actress Selma Blair split up with Jason Bleick, the father of her child, back in September, and it appears that she’s taken the first route of loss of appetite. Nutrifit CEO Jackie Keller tells Radar Online she estimates her weight to be 75 to 80 lbs! That’s horrible for someone who’s 5’3″! Check out the photos in the gallery of her outing with her son on Sunday. Hopefully she’ll soon get back on a more healthy path. Marisa Mendez

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