Meek Mill’s House Arrested Sentence Extended

Meek was almost done with his 3 month stay at home bid….until the judge added another week onto Meek’s sentence.

Jared Fogle’s Lawyers Claim Subway Diet Caused Him To Have Sex With Minors

UPDATE: Jared Fogle was just slammed by the judge in court. Although his plea deal called for the maximum sentence of 12 1/2 years, Fogle was just sentenced to 15.6 years in prison. He’s headed to federal prison so he’ll be required to serve 85% of his time (just over 13 years). When he gets out he’ll bye 51 years old and on lifetime supervised release. ORIGINAL: Jared Fogle and his team of lawyers are really doing everything they can to make sure Fogle gets the minimum prison sentence of five years for paying to have sex with minors. Just last week Fogle asked the judge to cut him some slack because his 15 and 16 year-old victims were not too far off from legal age. Now Fogle, who’s currently facing a sentence of 12 1/2 years, is claiming that the Subway diet caused him to desire sex with underage children. Read more below.

(Photos) Wait – What? Keyshia Cole Is Going To Jail For 30 Days?!

Well this certainly is interesting. According to Keyshia Cole’s Twitter, the Oakland songstress was sentenced to 30 days in jail during a court hearing this morning, stemming from “something from 10 years ago.” But uh…by 10 years ago, did she kind of maybe perhaps mean 3 months ago? Back in September, Keyshia Cole was arrested for fighting a woman she found at her man Birdman’s apartment early in the morning. The victim – a woman by the name of Sabrina Mercadel – turned out to be a longtime employee of Birdman’s, and has since filed both a restraining order and a lawsuit against the Oakland singer.

(Video) Rick Ross Wants His Partner Meek Mill Home For The Holidays!

Rick Ross has probably been taking the recent absence of his MMG front man Meek Mill. “The big homie, he was sentenced to six months off the rip,” Ross said in a recent interview with Hot 97. “We done got our hopes up a couple of times so I said I wasn’t going to feed into that again.” “When he come home, he come home,” Ross continued. “At worst, it won’t be more than a month at this point. So we just ready for the big homie to get to the crib. Hopefully he can spend the holidays with us and kick 2015 off.”

Oh Man! Gucci Mane Gets 3 Years Added To His Sentence!

Just last week, the currently-incarcerated Gucci Mane received a break in his sentence by being credited a year’s worth of time-served, but this week, his legal news isn’t as good. Another one of the troubled rapper’s cases has been seen in court, and he’s now received an additional 3 years for a March 2013 incident where he assaulted a fan that asked for a photo. It certainly didn’t help that said fan was an Army staff sergeant! His newest sentence will run concurrently with the 39-month-turned-28 month sentence, though it’s unclear whether he’ll be getting credit for the time he already served. If not, his scheduled release looks to be some time in 2017, and he may not be allowed to extensively tour once released. Feels like his career is pretty much down the drain, but I’ll just sip my Kermit tea!

Update On Meek Mill’s Prison Bid: It’s Not Looking Good

As previously reported, Meek Mill was jailed after his probation was revoked earlier this month, because the judge on his case said the MMG rapper kept changing his phone number and didn’t provide his P.O. with a new one on purpose, slandered both the judge and his P.O. on Twitter, booked shows outside of the city of Philadelphia without getting them approved first, and posted a photo on Instagram with a gun. Though it was reported he’d only remain behind bars for 3-4 weeks of the 3-6 month sentence, it’s almost definite that Meek will be jailed until September at the earliest. Meek’s lawyers filed a petition last Thursday to request an emergency hearing and/or for Meek to be released on bail, but the request was denied. In the petition, Meek’s legal team argued that not only did his alleged violations not warrant prison, but that the jail sentence was unconstitutional, because the judge did not hold two hearings and give Mill written notice of his violations before she jailed him.

Lil Boosie Reveals That Young Jeezy Was There For Him The Most While Incarcerated

Lil Boosie has taken to SkeeTV to discuss a number of topics including who supported him the most while incarcerated. When asked the question Boosie stated that he’d have to say Young Jeezy gave the Baton Rouge lyricist the most comfort.

Kanye West Sentenced In Paparazzi Beatdown Case

Kanye West’s lawyer Blair Berk appeared for him in court this morning for the sentencing of his paparazzi beat-down case. He has been ordered to stay 10 yards away from the photog, but prosecutors got shut down when they asked that Kanye attend anger management classes. The judge also told prosecutors to tell the photog (Daniel Ramos) to stay away from Kanye as well. Seems like he got off pretty damn good! Go Yeezy!

Gucci Mane Sentenced To 6 Months In Prison

Troubled rapper Gucci Mane will be returning to prison once again, this time for an 183-day stay for probation violation. The Atlanta native was arrested earlier this month for cursing out a police officer, and upon being searched, weed and a gun was discovered…2 things you should definitely NOT have when on probation.

Whatt?? Prison Sentence Of Ex-Enron C.E.O. Skilling Cut By 10 Years.

The prison sentence of Jeffrey K. Skilling, the former chief executive of Enron who spearheaded the pervasive fraud that destroyed the energy company, was reduced by 10 years on Friday after a federal judge approved a deal between his lawyers and prosecutors. Hit the jump.

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