(Photo) Sex Worker Kills Alleged Serial Killer Who Could Be Linked 10 Other Murders

Police say a sex-worker that killed a man in Charleston, West Virginia probably saved lives. The man she killed in self-defense was possibly a serial killer. Read more below.

(Video) Man Sees His Mother’s Murderer In Court And Gets His Revenge

A man trying to keep his cool as he sits back and awaits the arraignment of his mother’s killer (who is also a serial killer) completely snaps, longing revenge against his mother’s murderer. Watch the intense clip below!

(Video) Is A Serial Killer On The Loose In Virginia?!

The death of a music teacher and the shooting of her care taker have sparked a manhunt in Alexandria, Virginia for the gunman. Police suspect the perp, who shot the victims in broad daylight, is a serial killer. To read more, click below.

Serial Killer Suspect Kept Rape Diary And Photos Of Dead Prostitutes

A suspected serial killer who may be New York’s infamous “Double Initial” murderer kept a gruesome rape diary and posed photos of dead prostitutes. Click below to read the rest of the story. @WiLMajor

Man Thought To Be Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy’s Victim Found Decades Later, Living In Florida

Siblings who thought their brother was one of serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s eight unidentified victims were amazed and overjoyed to learn that he’s been living in Florida for decades. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

Judge Sentences Ohio Serial Killer To Death

Serial killer Anthony Sowell was sentenced to death Friday for murdering 11 troubled women and scattering their remains around his property, horrors that shook the city over police handling of crime in poor neighborhoods. Get the full story after the jump… @ItsLukieBaby

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