Bernie Sanders Supporter Tries To Place Obituary For Hillary Clinton/Gets Called From The Secret Service

That’s a new one…not your usual type of political humor, but none the less – a good try. A very dedicated Bernie Sanders supporter, tried to place an obituary for current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, before that idea was thwarted by the Secret Service. Hit the jump.

(Photos) Dame Dash To Launch Streaming Service!

Dame Dash seems to always have a new business venture up his sleeve and with the success of past endeavors, I would not be surprised if his latest business plan takes off. Dame has been working on a streaming service–Dame Dash Studios–for some time now and it is set to launch on September 1st!

(Photos) Here We Go! Shazam Gets Beats Music ‘Listen Now’ Integration!!!

This is mos def a ‘The Power Of Apple’ move, Spotify and Rdio move over, there’s a new power stream in town!!

(Video) Flashback Friday: Dr. Dre Congratulates Steve Jobs On The iPod & iTunes

AND using iChat…pre-FaceTime at that! The real interesting part of this video(to me at least) is Steve Jobs asking Dre about how iTunes can help with music discovery, which as you may know, is the key to the music business right now!!

Uh Oh! AT&T And News Corp Looking To Hurt Netflix?!?

I mean I’m not against competition, but I do feel like this so not clean. If it weren’t Netflix, people would still be shackled to watching ‘content’ when it was good for someone else’s schedule. AT&T partnering with News Corp with $500M behind themare getting ready to ‘invest and launch’ a VOD(Video On Demand) service like Netflix.

(Video) Check Out Some Of The Coolest Robots #CES2014 Had To Offer!!!

Ok, I am just getting back into the fold after seeing all the great and innovative things at #CES2014, and there were plenty, but one of the funnest things I ran into throughout the entire CES was the diff variety of Robots! From Funny, to useful, to service, there was a robot around every corner!

(Photo) Nelson Mandela’s Funeral Program Released!

Last week, funeral arrangements for Nelson Mandela was released, and tomorrow, the leader continues to be remembered. Another service will be held in South Africa, where former as well as current Presidents from all around the world will speak – including Barack Obama, who took Air Force One with wife, Michelle to the country this afternoon [see in the gallery]. A list of others to attend are, “George W. Bush and his wife, Laura; the Clintons; and former President Jimmy Carter,” according to the NY Daily News. This will be a great home-going. Check out other attendees in the gallery.

Tweet Snapchat Style With THIS Service?!?

It’s not exactly snapchat, but does offer a snap chat type service. Created by a former Twitter employee(engineer) Pierre Legrain, Twitterspirit allows people who have twitter, and enable spirit, to hashtag a time i.e. #1m, and the tweet will last only that long!

Fake WHAT Gets You REAL Jail Time?!

Fake military heroes can now receive up to a year in prison for lying about service. On Monday, June 2, President Obama signed off on the Stolen Valor Act. Basically, if you lie about having any military service, you’ve just talked your freedom away. Hopefully, we can get rid of these social network “models” next. Check for more info after the jump…

WTF?! Who Wants The Phone Records Of Millions Of Verizon Customers?!?!

A top secret court order was released today showing how Verizon Wireless had to hand over all phone records of its customers. According to sources the National Security Agency has been collecting the information from Verizon since April.

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