Nikki Mudarris Speaks Out About Leaked Sex Tape Says You “Can’t Trust Anyone”

Tuesday, a sex tape leaked of Love and Hip Hop reality star Nikki Mudarris and her former boyfriend Mally Mall. It’s a quick clip of the couple getting it on and was said to be put out by Nikki herself. However, Wednesday the starlet went on a twitter rant accusing her on-again-off-again boyfriend of exposing their intimate moment. Hit the jump for more.

(Fellas Check The 18+ Video) Nikki Mudarris’ Leaked Sex Tape Hits The ‘Net!

Well folks, it looks like yet another reality TV star has come out with a sex tape for our viewing pleasures. Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’s own Nikki Mudarris put out a sex tape with her on-again, off-again BF, Mally Mall. Watch as these two get it on with some Future playing in the background and let us know if you’re feeling this tape!

A Video Of Lil Wayne Having A Threesome Is Being Shopped To Porn Companies

There is a Lil Wayne sex tape out there being shopped to porn companies, featuring the Young Money rapper engaging in a threesome with two lovely ladies! Unfortunately for the girls (and maybe even guys?) who’d be interested in seeing this kind of thing – it probably won’t see the light of day. TMZ reports that Wayne’s reps are on it, and that if such a tape exists, he didn’t even know he was being filmed. They’re giving no consent and have made it clear that a tape gets released, “We’ll sue the hell out of them.” Porn companies don’t want that kind of trouble! As for what you’re missing out on? Wayne is apparently in nothing but his socks, and 2 more-than-accommodating women do all the work. Okay then!

Soulja Boy Says He Was Hacked After Tweets About A Nia Riley Sex Tape Surface

Friday night tweets popped up on Soulja Boy’s twitter page asking fans if he should release a sex tape made with his on again off again girlfriend and baby mama Nia Riley. This didn’t seem comptely surprising as the couple is known for having huge blow-outs via social media and recently Soulja has been parading around with model India Love, so it seemed plausable that the couple had a falling out. However, according to Soulja Boy his page was hacked and he is not aware of anything that was said. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Terrence Howard Black Mailed By Ex-Wife With Threesome Sex Tape

Terrence Howard appeared in court Tuesday, with all intentions on having divorce settlement between him and ex-wife Michelle Ghent thrown out. Howard claims that he signed the documents due to fear of Ghent ruining his career, as she was black mailing him with sex tapes in order to get more alimony. Howard brought his sister-in-law to court today as the first witness to these allegations. Read more below.

WWE: Hulk Hogan Wants Gawker Execs Thrown in Jail For Leaking N-Word Story

Hulk Hogan is on the warpath, claiming Gawker honcho Nick Denton leaked the story about Hulk using the n-word to poison Hogan’s $100 million case against Gawker and now he wants Denton thrown in jail.

(Photo) Love And Hip-Hop’s Nikko Is Getting Evicted

Looks like those sex tape checks are no longer cutting it because Love and Hip Hop reality star Nikko London is being evicted from his Atlanta apartment. Nikko and his co-star Mimi Faust had one of the most successful sex tapes in 2014 earning them $400,000 in pre-sales and currently are still making money off it so why exactly does Nikko have a pink slip on his door. Read more below.

(Photos) 50 Cent Pokes Fun At Allegedly “Going Broke”

50 Cent seems to NEVER have a chill.. EVER! The news broke that the G-Unit OG has filed for bankruptcy after he has been allegedly dealing with financial issues including owing Rick Ross’ baby mama a ton of money. However after doing some research, it makes sense as to why Fif made that move.

Iggy Azalea Cuts A Check & Makes Pesky Ex Go Away Once And For All (Hopefully)

As you know, Iggy Azalea’s money-hungry, bitter ex Hefe Wine has been after her for a while now, trying to get a check from any little piece she left behind in their years-old relationship – from releasing music she’d recorded back then (which he got shut down for) to filing for divorce (in a marriage that didn’t exist) and even threatening to release a sex tape. With the former 2 issues already taken care of, Iggy has now handled the latter as well, coming to a settlement out of court. You guys were probably as disappointed as me that this guy got money he doesn’t deserve, but luckily, TMZ was assured the check was SUPER small. So small, “He couldn’t even get a Honda Accord out of it.” Ha!

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Star Mimi Faust FINALLY Admits That Her Sex Tape Was Staged

“Here you go world,” or reality television world, says Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Mimi Faust. Molly, the Maid broke the Twitter(sphere) in 2014, when a clip – and eventually a full blown sex tape – of she and ex-boyfried Nikko London were using shower rods as a sex gym. If you were watching LHH:ATL around that time, then you knew that story Mimi and Nikko admitted to was a BIG fat LIE. The two claimed that the tape was stolen from Nikko’s luggage, and somehow got in the hands of Vivid Entertainment. Hmmph … However, they had to film additional scenes to meet a minute quota. HA. LIES. Here we are in June’s end of 2015, and Mimi finally admits that the sex tape was staged from beginning to end – insert sex tape ACTING nomination. “We had to say something,” Mimi admits to Us magazine. “I didn’t tell anybody the truth.” Hit the jump for more.

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