(Video) Uhh Ohh… Actor Taye Diggs Gets Exposed By Woman Who Claims To Have Sextape

Taye Diggs is a well established actor and you think he would know better than this. A woman has come forward with videos of Taye laying on a bed in what seems to be a hotel room. The woman claims the video clips are part of a sex tape with her Taye and another woman. This ish is messy!!

(Video) Ummmm… Is A-Town Making Yet ANOTHER Sex Tape With One Of His Birds?

Internet star A-Town leaves us laughing on a daily basis with his silly videos and his “birds” that apparently DO exist after seeing these explicit videos. A few months back, A-Town released a short clip onto his Instagram page having sex with one of his groupies while making his infamous “ah ah ah” bird call noise. As if that wasn’t disturbing enough, he is back with yet another video almost just as gross. In the clip, A-Town is making out with a random girl, having sex with her in bed and shoving an actual hot dog down her throat. This little dude is bugged out but he’s so hilarious that we cannot get enough of him! Peep the raunchy clip of A-Town getting his freak on below. Would you watch a real life A-Town sextape?

(18+ Photos) #FlashBackFriday Jenny McCarthy Has A Sextape?

So Jenny has tons of pics out there, but just incase you missed it(because there are SO many nudes out here of her), we’ve seemed to track down some pics you just may not have seen, so…

Kim Kardashian Talks KimYe Sextape!

Is there A Kimye sextape somewhere?! Well we dont know for sure, but Kim Kardashian did share with british GQ, that her and hubby, Kanye West are very adventurous in the bedroom and she has no complaints about her sex life. hit the jump for more

(Warning*Extreme*18+*Photos) ‘Twerk Queen’ Jhonni Blaze Next Up With A Sextape?!

Well this is interesting, as Mimi’s Sextape blows(pun) up, the word ‘Sextape’ is like the thing to say, and now popular ‘Twerk Queen’/Stripper/Straight Stuntin Model Jhonni Blaze has an alleged Sextape.

(Warning*18+*Video) Mimi & Nikko Sextape Scandal In Atlanta Breaks Records Upon Release!!!

Mimi & Nikko Sextape Scandal In Atlanta, This is almost incredible, if it weren’t about a contrived sextape about 2 reality stars. Upon the release of the Sextape Secret in Atlanta Vivid(The distributor) has noted that it’s the most pirated tape of all time, and have already sent out 1200+ Ceased and desist notifications for the Mimi & Nikko Sextape Scandal In Atlanta.

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