Yikes: Michael Jackson Spent HOW MUCH To Silence Young Boys & Families?!?!

Will they ever let poor MJ live? Not a chance. Reports have came to light that Michael Jackson apparently spent over $35 MILLION to silence 24 boys over the years.

(Photo) Amanda Bynes Claims Sexual Abuse From NYPD In Twitter Rant?!?

Amanda Bynes hasn’t been deemed a classified mental threat–yet. She now tweeted that she got slapped in a very private place by an NYPD officer. She also claims once again she doesn’t drink or do drugs, nor was she arrested for smoking weed. Check out her tweet in the gallery.

WOAH! Man Sexually Abused His WHAT?!? (Hint: It’s Not A Person)

I have heard a lot of sick stuff in my day.. but this has to take the crown. David Beckman got arrested for sexual abuse. But you’ll never guess who, or I should say WHAT, exactly it is that Beckham sexually abused. Hit the jump to find out!

Files On Alleged Sexual Abuse Within The Boy Scouts Of America Released !!!

We’ve talked about this before, but now it’s official. The Boy Scouts of America had to fork over records dating back as far as 1985 of alleged sexual abuse cases. There were some scout leaders that were suspended for the allegations, however this was never made public, nor was it reported to the police. This sickens my stomach since I have two little cousins that’s involved in this program. Like the logo says, they are suppose to represent values and honoring, but this is not a representation of such. I really hope all parties involved gets what they got coming. Drop down bottom for more on the story. JaaiR (JR)

Jerry Sandusky’s First Victim Aaron Fisher Pens Book

Victim Number 1, Aaron Fisher, a.k.a. the reason Jerry Sandusky is off the streets, has penned a book ‘Silent No More’. The book addresses the abuse he was subjected to and how he found the courage to speak out. He is hoping telling his story will inspire others to speak out about sexual crimes against them. This is an issue that women and men face daily. Click below to read more. Funk Flex

(Video) Justin Bieber’s Mom Reveals Sexual Abuse in New Book

Fans of Justin Bieber will get to know his family a little bit better with the release of Pattie Mallette’s new book “Nowhere But Up.” Nothing is off limits in the memoir of the teen star’s mom, which covers sexual and drug abuse, teen pregnancy, single motherhood, and her pop star son. Read more after the jump Quay

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