Documents Show Racist Texts Sent By San Francisco Police Officers

Officer Jason Lai resigned from his job as a cop after being caught sending and receiving racist text messages. Just last year, SFPD officers were caught sending racist texts. They also were in another controversial scandal after the death of Mario Woods. One text read, “I hate that beaner, but I think the nig is worse.” Another text read, “Indian ppl are disgusting,’ along with “Burn down walgreens and kill the bums.’

(Video) Caught On Tape: Man Gets Jumped On For Trying To Shake Cops Hand

If you Trying To Shake Cops Hand at the San Fran airport, get left hanging, you say “You’re a stand up individual”, those 5 words will get you jumped on, arrested, left in jail over night, but not charged…

Tech Talk News: Man Suing Apple For House Search!!!

Apple may need to brace itself for a lawsuit stemming from its July pursuit of an errant, unreleased iPhone in San Francisco. @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

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