Tech Talk NEW: Apple Has Mountain Lion Coming, and Here’s What We Found!!!

I have been seeing “Mountain Lion”(ML) All morning honestly(like in the talk about a Twitter Purchase), but No info on when it was actually dropping(which is what I was waiting for), but we do know OS X Developers have it(so Apps already in the Lion system can upgraded to ‘ML’), and there seems to be a lot of iOS integration. Hit the Jump!! +TatWZA

(Video) Tech Talk Update: See If Your @TOut Hit IFWT!!!

So earlier today I asked people to reply to a TOut I shot out, in which if they said My Name in a TOut, I would post it, Well I have Some of those TOuts to share with you, And I have to say, very interesting, Hit the Jump to See for Yourself, No really, Hit the Jump, you gotta see this!! +TatWZA

Tech Talk Web: Youtube Has A NEW Way To Share!!!

The other day I noticed that Youtube has a NEW way to upload Video, But Now I’m also seeing they Share differently, just in case your looking to pass around a Video yo saw Here on #IFWT, hit the Jump! +TatWZA

(Video) Tech Talk Web: Google+ Wants To Make Sure You Know What Your Doing!!!

Last Night Google posted this Video, but between all the tryptophan from the turkey, and the Phenomenal Show we put on at the Best Buy Theater last night, oh and trying to hit a Black friday sale, I just couldn’t get it up, but Here it is, after the Jump! +TatWZA

Tech Talk News: Guess Who Sold The Most Smartphones This Quarter???

I know who you’re thinking it is, but I don’t know if you really know who it is, Hit the Jump! WZA on Google+

Tech Talk NEW: #IFWT Closer Look At Jelli Radio On Facebook!!!

We made the Announcement about Jelli, the on-line Radio App that Facebook offers, but we didn’t really get into how it works, That’s where I come in, the break down to know if you really ‘Like’ it or Not, After the Jump!!! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

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