(Audio)NBA: SMH, Donald Sterling’s Wife Shelly Refers To V.Stiviano As “African Black” During 911 Call!

Oh boy, I thought Shelly Sterling claimed she wasn’t racist? Who the hell refers to someone as an “African Black”? Anyway, audio of the 911 call Shelly made when she believed V. Stiviano broke into her home to harass Donald was released and the entire thing just sounds sketchy. She wants police to go but doesn’t want them to try and call Donald. Shelly herself is in France and called 911 after her gardener noticed Stiviano going into the home and called Shelly. And it doesn’t seem like Stiviano was there to harass Donald at all, not since they were found in the bedroom.

(Photo) NBA: Donald & Shelly Sterling Celebrate Their 60th Anniversary At The Beach

Despite the fact he called her a “pig” in open court, despite the fact he’s still suing her, and despite his philandering with numerous women, Shelly Sterling said it doesn’t make sense to divorce Donald Sterling right now.  In fact, the two got together to celebrate their 60th anniversary on the beach.

NBA: Shelly Sterling Explains How She Got Steve Ballmer To Pay $2 Billion For The Clippers

With her husband caught in a firestorm of controversy and mental capacity deteriorated, Shelly Sterling had to step from the background into the forefront and make the largest sale in NBA history.  So how did she do it?  She finally sat down and explained the process.

NBA: Shelly Sterling Says She Didn’t Know Donald Was Cheating & There’s No Point In Divorcing Him Now

Donald Sterling has been seen with countless young women, some of which have accused him of heinous acts while they mixed business and pleasure.  Amidst all this, one person we haven’t really heard from is his estranged wife Shelly Sterling.  She was at the forefront negotiating the record breaking sale to Steve Ballmer but how does she feel about her husbands extra curricular activities and the woman behind it all, V. Stiviano?

NBA: Shelly Sterling Named Clippers No. 1 Fan, Literally! Check Out The Other Perks She Gets!

It’s definitely a win to get Donald Sterling out as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers but his wife Shelly Sterling is no angel either.  Because she wasn’t caught on the racist tapes and because she completed the $2 billion sale to Steve Ballmer she’s sort’ve been let off the hook although her record is quite the spotty one.  Anyways in compliance with the sale she completed, Shelly gets a lot of perks and one of them is literally being named the “Clipper Number 1 fan”.

NBA: Steve Ballmer is Officially the New Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers

Though former owner Donald Sterling tried his best to fight the sale, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is now the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

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