NBA: Judge Rules Against Donald Sterling, Clearing Way For Shelly Sterling’s Sale of Clippers to Steve Ballmer

Donald Sterling tried to block his wife, Shelly Sterling’s sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.  Shelly claimed Donald was examined by two doctors and deemed mentally incapacitated, which put her in charge of the Sterling Family Trust giving her the right to make the $2 billion sale.  Donald claims he’s perfectly fine which would void the sale but on Monday a judge ruled against him.

(Audio) NBA: Donald Sterling Is Out Of His Mind! Listen To The Voicemail He Left Doctors Who Examined Him

Donald Sterling is still at it. The embattled owner of the Clippers (yes he is still technically the owner) just refuses to take the sale of his team lying down. He has already changed his mind about not suing the NBA and fighting the sale of the Clippers and has allegedly threatened his wife Shelly and her lawyers, even going as far as to say “he will take them out”. But this voice mail is a classic. These messages were left on the voicemail of the doctors that examined him that deemed he was not fit to make decisions regarding ownership of the team because he was suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. He claims he was setup by his wife and these doctors to conspire to wrestle control of the team away. He calls the doctors a tramp and stupid f*cking doctors among other things. Hit the jump.

NBA: Shelly Sterling Says Donald Sterling Threatened To Kill Her Lawyer

It’s always something with this family isn’t it?!  Geeeez-us, when can we stop hearing about them?!  NO ONE CARES!!!  Ok, but in case you do … check out what Shelly Sterling is now claiming Donald Sterling threatened to do…

NBA: Shelly Sterling Will Still Have Ties to the Clippers After Sale

Shelly Sterling will not own any of the Clippers after she sells the team to Steve Ballmer for $2 billion, a sale that the NBA is working now to finalize.  But she would still have ties to the team.

NBA: Report, Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Suing NBA For $1 Billion Dollars, May Sue Wife Also

Now it is clear Donald Sterling is not going to go quietly. It was announced a short time ago that the embattled Current Clippers owner is going to sue the NBA for $1 billion dollars. His lawyer has confirmed this is true and the root of the lawsuit obviously all stems from the league trying to force him to sell. It gets even worse as he is currently debating on whether to sue his wife also! Hit the jump.

NBA: Clippers To Be Sold For $2 Billion Dollars After Donald Sterling Declared “Mentally Incapacitated”

As you may know by now, late last night, Shelly Sterling, wife of Clippers owner Donald Sterling agreed to sell the team for $2 Billion dollars to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. It still has to be approved by the majority of the other owners in the NBA, but based on the situation nobody sees that as being a problem. Last week Donald Sterling had sent a letter from his lawyer signing over control of the team to his wife because he realized the writing was on the wall in regards to his ownership. This week he had a change of heart though and vowed to put up a bloody fight to keep the team. It appears one specific thing led to the sale being allowed to go through.

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