NBA: Agree Or Nah? Dwyane Wade Says HE Is The Best Shooting Guard In The League

This is one of those tough topics in sports. When someone asks a player do they think they are the best, if they are competitive enough it will be hard for them to say the name of an opposing player over their own. Sometimes though athletes have to be realistic and understand either their time has passed or just flat out their is someone better. D-Wade fell into the trap and while there is nothing wrong with saying he is the best SG in the NBA, many, many people, including myself would disagree quick!

Sports: Wade? Kobe? Nope! Fans Surprised When Nick Young Names The Best Shooting Guard in NBA

Swaggy P got fans talking once again!  Yesterday Nick Young took to Twitter to do a short Q&A session.  Well someone asked, “when are you gonna be a top 5 NBA player” — his answer had some fans shocked (even though it shouldn’t have – it’s Swaggy).  Gotta give the guy credit for his confidence???  I wonder if Kobe, Wade, Harden or others will respond?!  Check it out…

(Video) NBA: Metta World Peace Says WHO Is The Best Shooting Guard In The NBA?

Is Metta just showing crew love, or does he really think this? In an interview recently, Metta World Peace makes reference to fellow Knicks teammate Iman Shumpert being the best shooting guard in the league. Now, I myself am a diehard Knicks fan and even I know there are better shooting guards in the league, but you have to love the confidence he has in his teammate to say that. I would definitely take Shump over J.R. Smith however. The two of them are expected to get the majority of the playing time at the position for the Knicks. Hit the jump to see what else Metta had to say about it.

NBA: J.R. Smith is Tired of Being a Sixth Man, Wants to Start For the Knicks

J.R. Smith always had been content to be a backup — the mercurial sixth-man gunner. Not this October. The controversial Smith made it clear he prefers to start for the first time in his career.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

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