(Video) Dude Shoots Man At Point-Blank Range To Rob Him Of His Jordans!

It’s just a pair of sneakers!!! I don’t get it, you wanna kill someone over that?

(Video) Shots Break Out At YG’s Video Shoot

As YG and rapper AD were filming their video to their single ‘Thug,’ gun shots rang out leaving hundreds of people running scared. Law enforcement says the shots appeared to be gang related. On set, there were both Bloods and Crips in attendance.

Dam…Man Finds Bullet In His Testicles After Wife Shoots Him For Cheating!!

Play no games. This wife shot her cheating husband after catching her partner of 16 years in the lie. Gun to the face or not, all is fair in love and war. Hit the jump!

(Graphic Video) NYPD Officer Shoots & Kills Friendly Pet Dog On Camera

Seriously so sad. Cops today are so trigger happy that they’re just shooting at anything that looks like a threat…like a ‘friendly’ dog that was wagging his tail when he first sees the officer. See the surveillance footage after the jump.

Texas Man Shoots Armadillo, Gets Hit In The Face By Bullet Ricochet

The Florida Department of Health has a slight rise in leprosy rates this year, so Floridians are encouraged to take precautionary measures in eschewing contact with Armadillos. It appears the state of Texas needs to mimic this action.

(Video) New Urine Resistant Walls In San Francisco Shoots Pee Back !!

You’re going to think twice when urinating around the streets of San Francisco, California. You better be strategic when there’s a need to pee. Read more to further expand on this topic.

(Photos) NJ Police Enters Wrong House, Shoots Dog

On April 29, 2015, police officer Kyle Ferreira was investigating a possible burglary in northern New Jersey and mistakenly went to the wrong location. When he approached the housing location and no one responded to his door knocks, he entered the house and proceeded to the rear. When reaching the back, he quickly noticed the window open and that’s the moment he drew his weapon. Once under the assumption of a robbery, he thought the suspect attempted escape from the back window. Soon after, the situation took a strange twist.

Man Shoots Himself In Front Of Children At Universal Studios!

A man shot and killed himself in front of children at Universal Studios. He was reportedly the subject of two restraining orders after incidents at the park which involved the mother of his child. Read more on the story after the jump!

(Photos) Three Year Old Boy Shoots His Pregnant Mother & Father In A Motel!

A three year old boy shoots his pregnant mother and father in a motel. Read more on the story and check out the photos in the gallery after the jump!

MLB: OMG…Former Outfielder Jose Canseco Accidentally Shoots Himself While Cleaning His Gun?!

Accidents happen right?! Well, that is the case of Jose Canseco tonight, who has shot himself in the finger WHILE cleaning his gun, never realizing the gun was loaded! It all went down in the Canseco household, where Jose’s fiancé heard the gunshots. To add fuel to fire, Jose Canseco will never have FULL use of his hand again! Wow, hit the jump for more on this crazy story…

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