Uh-Oh! Cuba’s Suffering A Shortage Of WHAT?!?!

Whoa! Cuba may have to slow down. Reports are surfacing, saying that the communist country is running out of condoms because the demand is too high. In the past, Cuba was known to have shortages of food and other basic needs. See what this could mean for Cuba’s natives after the jump.

NFL: Say It Ain’t So!!! Chicken Wing Shortage Ahead Of Super Bowl?!?!

Yep, that’s me in that pic above!  How can this be happening?!  Football goes hand in hand with chicken wings damn it!  There can NOT be a shortage!  Soon as I finish typing this, I’m making calls asap! I’m giving you guys the heads up now! “You’re Welcome” *Kobe voice*  Report after the jump… GameTimeGirl

Hurricane Irene Leads To Pumpkin Shortage

Even though Hurricane Irene has come and gone, she’s not done hitting the East Coast where it hurts-it’s wallet. Due to Irene, there maybe a pumpkin shortage this year especially in the Northeastern states. The shortage of pumpkins has already led to a price increase of wholesale prices which means buying pumpkins from the store will be much more than it was last year. Pumpkin farmers were having a hard time before the storm due to heavy rains this year, but Irene topped it off. Looks like I’ll have to be getting my pumpkins early this year! Read more after the jump. @Julie1205

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