(Photos) Chance The Rapper Canceling Tour Because Of Illness

Earlier today representatives of Chance The Rapper went on his Twitter account to let everyone especially his fans know that his tour will be put on hold due to an illness. There are not any specific cities or tour dates in particular that will be postponed.

Hurricane Sandy Making People Sick!?

Just when we thought Hurricane Sandy news was winding down, it just isn’t over yet. It turns out that the aftermath is making people sick. Thousands of storm victims are coming down with the flu along with other illnesses due to the mold, cold, flood-damaged homes. Let’s hope that they all get better soon. Click below for the details. Melissa

UPDATE: Meningitis Outbreak Rises To 205 Cases

The recent Meningitis outbreak has been an ongoing issue over the past week and a half.  Seven more people have been diagnosed and the death toll from the outbreak has reached 15.  New cases have been confirmed in New Hampshire, Florida, Indiana, and Tennessee.  Click “more” below for more information! DJ Matthew Tyler

Taking The Wrong Antibiotic May Carry Serious Side Effects

If you’re sick, you take an antibiotic. This has been the simple remedy to many illnesses. However, this remedy has proven to produce more serious results.  Just last year over 2000 patients had been given the wrong antibiotic prescription for illnesses that were’t as severe for the prescription, or simply would have went away without the use of it, resulting in “dry eyes, mouth and skin; ringing in his ears; delayed urination; uncontrollable shaking; burning pain in his eyes and feet.” Read more below. FunkMasterFlex

Mom And Toddler Fighting Their Cancers Together

This story is so sad! A mother and her 15-month-old daughter are fighting their cancers together. Kezia Fitzgerald, 28, was diagnosed with stage three Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2010 and five months later her baby was also diagnosed with cancer. Saoirse was diagnosed with a malignant cancer called neuroblastoma when a tumor was found in the baby’s abdomen. Read more about the sad story after the jump. @Julie1205

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