Honda To Add Siri To Acura RDX and ILX

Honda plans on adding “Siri Eye Free” to its newer models of the Acura  RDX and ILX .  Later in the year customers will have the option to to add Siri Eyes Free integration which can be done over Bluetooth and usb connection.  Honda says the option will be  “dealer-installed option, which means “a hardware button swap/rewiring and/or software upgrade that needs to be performed at the dealership before you can take home your new car.” According to Honda the base model will run you  $21,680.00, plus taxes, license, registration, and destination charges)

Auto: Honda Will Have “Siri” On 2013 Models

Honda announced a short time ago that they will be the first car maker to have “Siri” installed on a few 2013 models. Many car makers said earlier in 2012 that they will also be using Siri in future models, Honda just happened to be the first to actually make it reality. I am sure some Apple lovers are looking at Honda a little different today. The software will be used in the Honda Accord, Acura RDX and IDX as a dealer option. Owner’s would need a compatible IPhone running iOS6 to connect to Siri, which will be done by the touch of a button on the steering wheel. My only question is why are all these car makers so quick to want to install apple related software? Have they not realized Android users make up more of the market share and in another few years who knows how the market will be? Regardless I am sure it will attract some attention for Honda.

Tech Talk Auto: GM To Use Apple’s Siri In Upcoming Cars!!

  Apple has partnered up with Chevy to integrate their technology in Chevy’s Spark and Sonic RS cars.  Chevy will use Apple’s Siri in their cars. Drivers will be able to talk their cars and give directions as they drive. After the break check out all the features Siri will have in Chevy’s new cars. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk News: Siri vs Google Voice Search for iPhone

A new visual test shows Apple’s Siri vs iOS Google voice search. And after the much hyped Siri for Apple, it showed to me no match for Google voice search. Does this mean Apple should bench Siri for awhile, maybe not but they should work on it a little more since that is one of their selling points for their iOS devices. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

(Video) Tech Talk Rumor: What Does Siri Know About The iPhone 5?

With Sept 12 looking like iPhone 5/iPad Mini day lets check in with the personal assistant Siri for some insight on the new iPhone 5. Check out the video below. ShottaDru X TatWza

Tech Talk News: Company Says Apple Stole Siri???

A company in Shanghai is claiming that Apple may have ripped off their voice-recognition software that Siri uses. The company claims they have patients with the very same technology with it’s own Xiao iRobot. The Company says the software is too similar. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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