(Photos) LMAO! Tanning Mom Decides To Go TOPLESS On The Beach !!!

Yo, I usually don’t do this, but it needs to be said…wash-up, drawled-up, wrinkled, saggy, baggy, aged, pinched, hanging, stretched, etc. etc. etc., skin What is wrong with this lady? LOL! Tanning Mom a.k.a. Patricia Krentcil, the woman who got off scott-free for allowing! her 5-year-old to use a tanning bed is on the beach flossing (literally) in a lil’ a** bikini. Krentcil has the nerve to have a tattoo on her va jay-jay, and say that she’s only 45! LIES! My question is who the hell was the PHOTOGRAPHER?! Drop down bottom and hit up the gallery! This is a must see, especially is you want a laugh!

(Photos) Miley Cyrus Showing Off More Skin In A Bra Top!

Another day, another flick of Miley showing off her fit bod! She looks like she’s having a bit of fun without Liam! See the tummy baring pics below!

(Video) Kim Kardashian Gets WHAT Squirted On Her & Why???

If you don’t watch any of the Kardashian’s reality shows then you probably wouldn’t know that the gorgeous Kim suffers from psoriasis. The skin condition she suffers from is very visible on her legs and although I’m sure she has the best doctors one can have, to treat it, she tried a home remedy. She had her sister squeeze breast milk directly on her legs to treat her outbreak! So if you have this condition, you may want to try this , well maybe LOL. Hit the jump.

(Photos) Woman Will Brand Humans For Animal Rights!

Becky Folkard a British native will be putting on a gruesome scene in the streets in order to try and make a point and stand up for animals.  She is a vegan and an extreme animal activist so it only sounds right that she will do anything to try and get people to understand her point of view.  She will take it to the streets and press a super hot metal rod against a man’s chest and burn the numbers 269 on his skin.  It is only a demonstration, a painful one,but she wants it to last in people’s heads forever and I’m sure it will for some. Steph B

(Photos) Frozen Pieces Of Skin Found In Sewer

Frozen flesh cut into 4 x 4 pieces were found in a sewer in Michigan.  Workers found the several parts and reported them. Police fear that there may be a serial killer on the loose and suspect that they were recently dumped into the sewer.  The pieces resemble puzzle pieces since they contained a tattoo that connected once placed together. Hit the jump Steph B

11 Year Old Student Dismissed From Class for ‘Skin Colored” Tights

An 11 year old honor student, at the Mount Gleason Middle School in Sunland, California, was asked to leave class for her tights. The girl’s mother insists that her skin color had a role to play in it, but allegedly the teacher’s assistant who sent her daughter to the principal’s office felt like her tights gave the allusion that she wasn’t wearing any pants. Read more below. FunkFlex

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