NFL: ESPN Defends Skip Bayless Calling Johnny Manziel an Alcoholic

ESPN’s Skip Bayless has said some crazy things over the years and it’s basically how he built his popularity.  Some people however felt he went too far when he said Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has a drinking problem and needs to seek help.  ESPN released a statement and surprisingly backed Skip rather than issuing an apology as they usually do when other reporters say something outlandish.

(Video) NFL: Skip Bayless Goes Off On Johnny Manziel, Says He Knows He Is a Liar & Alcoholic

My, my, how times change so fast. It wasn’t long ago where Skip Bayless was Johnny Manziel’s biggest fan and thought he would terrorize the NFL the same way he did in college. Well that hasn’t worked out just yet and it seems because of Johnny’s off the field issues, Skip is ready to give up completely. According to Bayless, he knows for a FACT, that Johnny is a compulsive liar and has problems with alcohol. He even thinks Johnny’s own parents are fed up! These are some serious accusations, hit the jump to see what else he said.

(Video) NBA: ESPN’s Skip Bayless Says That Kobe Bryant Got His First Sneaker Deal Because Of His Sexual Assault Trial

Wow! During this morning’s First Take, Skip and Stephen A. Smith debated over athlete endorsement deals after controversies and incidents. In the middle of the discussion, Bayless mentioned Kobe Bryant’s sexual assault case in 2003 and claimed that it helped him sell sneakers. Hit the jump for details.

(Video) Sports: LOL, DJ Khaled Uses “The Streets” as a Source During Argument on ‘First Take’

Our guy DJ Khaled was a guest on ESPN’s ‘First Take’ today to battle Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless.  Fans had a ball when Khaled cited “the streets” as a legitimate source when he told Skip Bayless that he believes the Spurs shut the air conditioning off on purpose before Game 1. Lmao, gotta love Khaled!  Check it out…

(Video) NBA: LOL, Kevin Hart Does Hysterical Interview With Stephen A Smith & Skip Bayless

With it being All-Star weekend down in New Orleans, ESPN First Take had an all star lineup of guests today, which also included Kevin Hart. The hardest working man in showbiz stopped by the show to talk NBA, Lebron, Durant, his movies & more and trust me it was too funny! Hit the jump for the video.

(Video) Sports: LOL, Skip Bayless Takes Shot at Stephen A. Smith’s Hairline

I didn’t get a chance to tune into ESPN’s First Take today, so I missed this — thank goodness for Twitter & Instagram. Lol. Skip Bayless decided to go at Stephen A. Smith’s hairline today. Gotta love the chemistry between these two. Video after the jump…

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